Trying to regain a spiritual status that doesn't exist

Man's fall is inevitable. There was the first fall of Man ages ago and Man has continually tried to build himself up again and again. Trying in a rather futile effort to regain the intimate and important position they once had in the eyes of God. We've built ourselves into great civilizations, great cultures, and even "great" governments, but not necessarily great people. Man continues to fall.

As men, we have a narrow and limited view of "success" - success being us trying to regain that coveted position of importance and responsibility. Our shortsightedness leads to a lesser us: overworked, oversexed, overchurched, you name it and we've overdone it...save actually seeking.

Seeking is too hard. Sitting and waiting is too much to ask of us. Meditation is a bunch of fluff...God's Word? "Well, I know the commandments, the Beatitudes, and I've taken notes on every sermon my politicized and self-agenda-ing pastor has ever give." What have we become men - women.

I for one am stopping. I live to please no one else - their is no position I can regain. Jesus already gave me the title of daughter, lover, and Bride. So - like a daughter, lover, and Bride, I will sit at the feet of Him whom I love and listen to His voice and take in His sweetness and be still and now that nothing of me could ever make me more in His eyes - I'm enough.