Summer Goals: An Update

I have accomplished nothing this summer.

I have had a blast and have been given the awesome opportunities to see family this summer, but as far as my summer list goes, aside from reading my Bible (and riding my awesome bike) I have been fairly useless.

So in an effort to be more...well...laid back I am throwing out the old list.

Here's the new list (things that can all be accomplished while away with husband):
1) Read everyday.
2) Ride everyday.
3) Visit friends' house in Vermont that is "off the grid."
4) Go to Canada.
5) Visit NYC.
6) Visit Boston.
7) Take lots of pictures.
8) Improve my embroidery and smocking.


A New Swimsuit

This Saturday I will leave to join my in-laws in Myrtle Beach. My husband's mom's side of the family gets together ever year and spends a week there. Since hubster is away, I get to join them on my own. I'm very excited to spend some time with family and to have another distraction to make the time before hubby comes home more bearable.

As all women know, a trip to the beach is a beautiful thing...unless you need a new bathing suit and unfortunately, I do. I've had the same little suit for the last 2-3 years and I've grown tired of it. So, I embarked upon the lovely and thrilling journey of finding a new suit for a reasonable price.

I found one bathing suit which I thought to be both modest and youthful...and it cost $71. (The price one must pay to not frolic about in lingerie-like swim wear).


Awesome Day

So, I woke up at 5:30am and said to myself, "I should mow the lawn today. I'll wait until around 7am - so that my neighbors wont hate me." So I sat in bed (okay, dozed in bed) until 7am. I went out to the garage and tried to start our finicky and decrepit mower to no avail. But, I didn't get mad - which if you knew me, this is a big thing. I didn't get frustrated (mad and frustrated are different and yes, both big things). I simply acquiesced to the desire of our mower and decided I would go ride my bike instead.

So, I rode 9 miles in 30 minutes. I was absolutely gross. I mean, gross. I usually don't sweat a lot - but I got a great workout today and really pushed myself. It was fun.

Next, I jumped in the shower to remedy the aforementioned grossness and then I planned lunch with a good friend, Scheduled a hair appointment, and acquired a box for my bike's approaching cross country journey. Then, I started reading Numbers....if you have no idea why it is called Numbers, you have clearly never read this book of the BIBLE. It was good.

After all this I decided to go back to the mower...and it decided to work. SWEET. So, all of the above and a mowed lawn before 10:40AM.

I had lunch with the lovely, Rachel - who just returned from a 3 week journey to Tanzania. I had a great time talking...and eating. (Thanks, Rach)

While in town for lunch I picked up the box. I then returned home, searched for dummy instructions as to how to pack my own bike into this box, and fell asleep due to Marti's spicy pimento cheese (yummy).

It feels god to get things done.


Husband, I love you...

I woke up this morning and thought about my husband. The absence of him is pretty unbearable, but he left little reminders around the house to keep me company and thoughtful. They are as follows:

His law books.

His Lego Millenium Falcon (I think that's what it is).

The receipts that are on his nightstand.

His bass.

His change jar.

The coffee that he roasted for me before he left - so, that I wouldn't have to drink "swill." (Even though he is currently living on "swill."

A man who keeps me in coffee - that's my thoughtful, wonderful, husband.

The coffee should last for 12 more days!


So, I took a smocking class with my mom yesterday. Since I was a little girl, my mother has been wanting to learn to smock. So, for her birthday we smocked it up. I really enjoyed it and think that it might be a new thing that my little business can offer!


Bike Shorts MIA: An Update

Still haven't found the bike shorts - which means they have been somewhere in this house for the past 4 weeks and have somehow escaped my notice...even after a thorough cleaning of every room in the house.

Either I stink at cleaning or these suckers are invisible...or there is a bike shorts thief on the loose. You be the judge.

Smocking, stockings, and a Week with my Folks

I was gone to my parents' house for the past week. It was quite enjoyable.

I went shopping with my mom and bought my first pair of support hose. Explanation: Okay, I'm slightly neurotic and worry about varicose veins...I don't have any and I'd like to keep it that way.

We went everywhere. Friday night I went to a "bunko" party with my mom & sis. Saturday, I went to a baby shower for my cousins' wife. Sunday, I went to a birthday party for my brother-in-law, Monday, it was the pool with my sister. Tuesday, I attended a community birthday party at an assisted living community. Wednesday, I rode 18-20 miles with my dad and nephew all around town. Thursday, I had a night out with my sis. Friday was a joint birthday/fathers' day party for my mom and dad, and Saturday was a smocking class and the drive back home.

My Family knows how to keep me busy! Thank goodness. Only 13 more days until I see my husband.


Yay for Bikes

On my adventures here in C-town, I had the pleasure of taking a bike ride with my dad and nephew. 18 miles later we were still trying to complete daring feats on little ramps and racing one another around a self made track. It was pretty darn fun. Yay for bikes.

One thing that I took away from my ride - my little commute is totally achievable seeing that in real life rides, you have the opportunity to coast. Whereas rides on trainers (which I love), really allow for zero coasting. So...perhaps...all my training is paying off.


Why I Need My Husband

So, when gardening last weekend I was bitten or exposed to something. Well, today the bite, rash, bruise, etc. started getting really red and it looked to be spreading. Hubby saw it on video chat, got nervous and told me to go see the doctor. I went to the ER. $200, 3 hours, and a headache later and I now know for sure that I indeed have a rash, bruise, bite or scrape and some hydro-cortisone cream. That's All.