So, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. And yes, I am well aware that most of my family and in-laws alike will at once be put to shame and dissapprove of my unraveling lifestyle as soon as ink touches my skin, but it's an idea I am playing with - the disintegration of familial relations with one fell swoop of a more-or-less mechanized ink pen.

I think I want to make a statement...and since I'm not one for setting myself ablaze or making catchy slogan signs, I think permanently afixing an image of some sort onto my body ought to do the trick. I'm thinking - something political, something shocking, something timely....a pink butterfly right above my butt crack. Only joking.

But, yes, I am considering a tattoo and there you have it.



So, Welcome to my blog...again. It was out of comission for some time as a result of my hectic and (at times) overwhelming life. However, after much pressure from about 5 ...make that 3... okay, really only 2 people, I have decided to forego the incessant nagging and get back on the "blogging" wagon.

So, my husband and I tried a new church on Sunday night. (We've been non-church-attending-believers-in-Jesus for the past 3-4 months....a period of time that seemed to get away from us - like life and time so often will)

Anyhow, as my hubby and I were going through the motions of church "try-outs," I realized that I am no longer a church-appreciator....I'm a church critic. I don't look for the beauty, I look for the flaws...and man, I can find some flaws. Before, I had the ability to appreciate the idea behind a sermon. Now I just fume over the fact that the preacher provides no explicit biblical back-up for his sermon checkpoints. I used to be able to worship ANYWHERE...and I mean anywhere. Now I pay attention to the balance of the guitar's highs and lows and the mix in the overhead monitor and if the worship leader's style is "worshipper-friendly" or simply designed to showcase their range and "wanna-be-a-rockstaredness." (too harsh? or too true?)

All this to say, I want to find a church. I'm not asking for much. Solid biblically-based teaching, heart-filled worship (with or without arm-waving), and people who are honestly seeking his face....not fame or glory within a ridiculous and shameful christian sub-culture.

What do you think? Am I too far gone? Am I just arriving? or do I just need to shut-up, go to church and trust that God will take care of the rest?