Music Monday

One of my new favorite artists: Regina Spektor

An "old" one:

A "new one:


Music Monday

Hallelujah by Allison Crowe


Matt + Lydia = ?

Matt and I woke up this morning and discussed what Fatty McGee might look like. Which of my traits it might get...which of Matt's traits it might get. Matt would like the baby to have a bit of his height and my "pretty." I wanted the baby to have Matt's hormone-stability and my awesomeness. The debate was civil, until the issue of eye color came about. Matt is adamant that the baby be blue-eyed like it's momma, while I would like a lil' brown-eyed version of perfection (like it's daddy).

I know you are all just as excited to meet Fatty McGee was we are. So, we thought we would treat you to a little preview.

What do you think? Let's play and make predictions about how lil' Fatty will turn out. Post your comments!

PS. It's should be pretty obvious from above photos, why little number three is referred to as "Fatty McGee." Not out of our own cruelty...I mean, we were both the chubby kids.


Update: "Fatty McGee" Pregnancy

Matt and I were trying to figure out how we should reference baby numero tres. I was going for some sort of multilingual take on the number three...Matt has decided on "Fatty McGee."

I went to the doctor Thursday. I was immediately put on progesterone to help me through the first trimester and the decision was made to run a few tests. One in particular concerns my thyroid. My thyroid is healthy; however in some instances, a healthy thyroid can send out antibodies which in essence attack your body (including babies). I should hear back about this one in 5-7 days. The good news is that it is highly treatable. We'll see.

In other news: "Fatty McGhee" has the weirdest cravings. Baby # 1 didn't do the craving thing...Baby # 2 LOVED sweets...Fatty McGee is a person all it's own. Last night, it wanted a steak covered in nacho cheese followed by Nathan's hot dog. This morning (I sadly admit), it was treated to a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin...heaven.

I'll blog more when we know more...or come up with more ridiculous stories about our baby.


Laughing...like Sarah

I now feel as though I know how Sarah felt in Genesis when the Lord told her that she would become pregnant in her old age.

This Friday night, I felt weird. I had been considering taking a pregnancy test for the past week - just to be safe. My body was giving me all the signals. So, I took the test...knowing my cycle was probably just wack-a-doodle and that I "couldn't possibly be" pregnant.

Enter the thin blue line. We weren't even trying - no clomid, no ovulation kits. Are you kidding me?! For those of you counting...that's 3 pregnancies in 365 days.

My first reaction was not laughter, but tears. I was happy and knew it was a blessing, but became overwhelmed with thoughts of "Here we go again," "But we haven't figured it out yet," and "I'm not ready for another miscarriage."

Then, my wonderful husband prayed for the baby and for his crazy wife...and I couldn't help but laugh. The Lord sure does have a neat sense of humor. WE WEREN'T EVEN TRYING! WE WEREN'T EVEN THINKING ABOUT TRYING!

Please, join me in prayer for the new pregnancy. We'll be meeting with several doctors over the next few weeks to make sure that my body is doing what its supposed to.




New Years Resolutions?

I'm not a big believer in resolutions. I tend to not make them...I tend to not do them. I'm a big goal-setter (and I tend to reach my goals), but if I label something a "resolution," it might as well be at the top of my "WARNING: DO NOT DO" list - cause it ain't gettin' done.

Yet, here I am again at the beginning of a new year (2010) thinking about what goals or "resolutions" (yikes) I should set for the coming months. I have decided to make mini-goal sets throughout the year. I can change them, as my year (undoubtedly will bring change) and mini-goals are easier to keep. The main goal is really just creating a routine for myself - here are my first set of goals for the year. I'll give you an update in early April.

Winter 2010 Mini-Goals:
  1. Read the Bible completely through (again) before Easter 2010
  2. Early to bed (10:15pm), early to rise (5:45am).
  3. Regular quiet times in the AM
  4. Eat Breakfast everyday
  5. Take my medicine (don't forget)
  6. Exercise 30min (6x/week)

Desired results:
  1. Reading the Bible 4x this year
  2. Overall good health / increased energy
  3. 10% loss of body weight - (to help insulin levels & fertility)

That's what I have planned. What do you guys have up your sleeves for the new year. Feel free to post a comment that tells me what your goals are for this new season.

All the best for the new year to you and yours.
God bless,