Okay, so these are some of the shoes that have graced the runway this fall. Fashion forward? Yes. Disturbing? Yes.

I think the image very clearly depicts what high heels actually do to our feet, contort them in unnatural and unhealthy positions - no matter how sexy it can make a leg look.


Move Over Elvis...

So, I'm up and moving. Not quite shaking it like I used to, but I'm getting by. I've had two sessions of physical therapy thus far and both have been very eye opening...for example, did you know that one can actually rotate their pelvic muscle unknowingly? A difficult task indeed one would think, but not for your truly. Move aside Elvis, there's a newer more gifted pelvis in town.

It was brought to my attention that my pelvis had become severely rotated when my physical therapist was checking my alignment and oddly disturbing utterances and noises were escaping here lips. She finally looked down at me sternly and said that my pelvis had somehow shifted....a lot. She assured me that it was probably related to the injury (muscles contracting and holding onto the pelvis too tightly) and that we could do various exercises to remedy the situation. She took me through those exercises and I left some what more "in place."

I went back for my second session today. HOLY COW. My "trainer" noticed that I was still a little rotated and took me through the same exercises and it was only when we heard the loud POP that she made a surprised yelp, looked at me disturbingly astonished and stated that she thought my pelvis was probably back in its rightful place. She then hooked me up to some machines she told me would help and forced me to move my back....she then sat me next to a 60+ year old man on a cross between a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine and told me tol work it for 10 minutes - I totally smoked that guy.

On a serious note:
The physical therapist once again awed at my amazing musculature (I'm like the only patient they have under 60 - seriously) and stated that she was very confident that PT would cure what ails me. It will be hard and I am a bit sore, but I am very encouraged. They did state that if this pelvis of mine doesn't stabilize, then I would have to learn how to pop it back in on my own. (EEEK GADS)


Back Problems

Good Morning All,
Let me first say that while I am still experiencing some pain that will affect my daily activities, I am much improved and can walk, sit, and stand with relative comfort. I was even able to drive myself to the doc's office this morning and that was a blessing!

I met with the doctor and here is what was found:

1) I have a good looking back. The boned and surrounding muscles, curvature of the spine, etc. all look great. He actually said there was a lot of "steak" in my back...meaning the muscle was very toned and lovely...yes, you can now refer to me as "your beloved 'steak-back'."

2) I do have 2 herniated discs in my lower back - he gave me numbers and letters for them, but I prefer to call them "Benedict" and "Arnold." You may refer to them as "Ben & Arny"... not to be confused with "Ben & Jerry."

3) There is indeed a third disc that is not fully mutinous as of yet, but is on the fence...we shall refer to it as "humpty dumpty" - although Humpty Dumpty
was in fact sitting on a wall and not a fence.

4) The doctor has suggested a simple course of action which will involve cortisone injections (as needed), physical therapy (remedial training of a horsewoman), and narcotics. As you all know, it has been my life long dream to use narcotics legally, so I am in this instance quite fulfilled.

5) The doctor does not know what will happen and cannot give me more of a prognosis than "wait and see" - such wisdom I know comes from the rigors of medical training. Surgery might be in my future, but of course that is a last resort and not at all something being seriously considered at this time.

6) I'm optimistic about the situation - of course, I am on drugs at this moment.

I hope you all found this post to be both informative and entertaining. I know it might sound like I am making light of a situation and I am. Let me just once and for all state for all of you naysayers (Big Sis and Hubster) that I do indeed have a moderate pain tolerance and am in no way a wimp. HA!


Life as an invalid is not fun, hopefully not permanent...

A few days ago, I finally went to a back specialist to speak with him about various aches and pains that had been plaguing me since a back injury two years ago. The day of the appointment I could move - at times, things were painful, but nothing overwhelming.

Well, the day after I woke up, got into the shower...and then realized that I couldn't really get out. Hubby (who couldn't not find the following in his contract) had to wake up early and come to the bathroom to dry me off and then help me dress. I thought that maybe this was just a temporary glitch, a stiffness that would surely work itself out by breakfast. I didn't realize that indeed it wouldn't work itself out until I was at the red light leaving our neighborhood in tears. I turned back defeated. 3 ibuprofen and a bed awaited me.

Well, after realizing later on that afternoon that my doctor's office closes early that particular day of the week, I realized I was forced to rest for the weekend until I could consult professionals. My hope was that it would be right as rain by Monday. Monday came and Monday is about to leave - and I am still flat on my back. The ray of sunshine was that I was able to get an MRI today and that the results will be known this Thursday.

I pray for those who live in constant pain.