Lot's-o-stuff a goin' on....

This week has been absolutely crazy!

I hemmed my first pair of pants EVER this week. 2 pairs of pants, in fact...and of course they were for a customer...everything looked great to me, but I am scared to death that they'll be like severe high waters on her son...who I measured and pinned, so, I know I am worried about nothing.

February 29th (tomorrow & Leap Day) my little business and it's website will be going LIVE. Very worried, scared, preoccupied and all over nervous. Cross your fingers!

That's about all the time I have.

Hope you all are well.


Valentine's Day Remix

So, in my household we hold to the belief that Valentine's Day is strictly a commercial holiday with little to no sentimental value. And that's our official statement. However, yesterday I found myself having issues with the policy previously set forth - wanting change...in all honesty, wanting flowers. The rational side of me says, "Flowers are flowers and whether I get the today (when they are 4x the price the will be tomorrow) or not doesn't signify or quantify my husband's love for me. The rational side of me. The irrational majority was yelling and screaming and kicking...I was once again the little, unpopular fat girl who never got a Valentine. Nobody liked me and I might as well just look forward to a life filled with loneliness and cats. Welcome to the way my mind works.

After some pouting, I made the effort to put down in writing why I was feeling the way I was about a completely superficial holiday and some flowers. What I came up with was amazing.

As I wrote, I realized that I really didn't know who I was completely. I hold to certain beliefs - like Valentine's Days is a commercial holiday or I don't like make-up...and these are partially true, but I haven't relaly allowed myself to learn or be or explore the person I am. I wrote down several declarations of likes and dislikes (along with an explanation as to why I was doing so) to my husband...I think he was caught by surprise - but pleasantly so. He wrote a similar response.

We spent that evening at dinner discussing those letters, learning more about one another, and even learning that in many ways we knew each other better than we knew ourselves. It was a very happy, fulfilling, and romantic way to spend the night. Hope your Valentine's Days were equally as meaningful.


I try not to get political

I've tried in the past not to get political, not to speak out, not to share my opinion in hopes that I would not alienate others or inadvertently judge.

I've been able to vote in 3 presidential elections....each one I have not been passionate about. I think this is typical for my generation. I have cast my ballot for the candidate who seemed most appropriate; however, knowing that the chips would fall where they may, my singular vote made no huge difference, and one president really was probably no better than another.

Something I have realized during this presidential primary is that my previous way of voting was due to what I saw as a lack of inspiring candidates. All candidates were equally uninspiring and so, I took the safe road, voting for who I thought was the less sleazy (if that can even be accurately measured) of them all.

But I have HOPE in this election. There are several candidates who I think would do a decent job, but there is one man who I think can change the course of our history...who can inspire and unite a divided nation, who can do unprecedented good in an office than has become a den of corruption.

If my words don't hold the least bit of sway with you...and why should they...and if you are at least a bit curious to know who I support, please watch this video.