Wow....this seems simplistic

This is the Chinese gender prediction calendar. I have major issues with this method. It revolves around the age and month of conception....and take NOTHING else into consideration. Are you kidding me? Hey, I suppose it's slightly entertaining.

Age >1819202122232425262728293031

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There are a lot of crazy things out there that claim to be able to "predict" your baby's gender: old wives' tales, the Chinese prediction calendar, heart rate....really all just humans' fruitless effort to try and know the unknown.

We're going to play with some of the fun ones...not because I think they hold ANY value. Just because I think of them as HILARIOUSLY FLAWED.

Old Wives' Tales:
1. How are you carrying? High or Low?
I don't know what that means...I'm thinking low.

2. What do you crave? Salty or Sweet?
Everything....but mostly Salty, yummy, wonderful potato chips.

3. Your baby's heartbeat is above/ below 140?
Above....the one time we've been told it's rate.

4. The color of your urine is dull or bright yellow?
Disgusting question that I refuse to answer on my blog.

5. Which direction does your pillow face? North or South?
South....I long for home and dream of Georgia.

6. Was the month of your conception even or odd?
Even...this question is odd.

7. Are your feet colder than before or the same?
My feet are big blocks of dry ice....if they got any colder, medical professionals would remove them from my body.

8. Does the hair on your legs grow the same or faster?
Again...gross question...and who in their right mind is going to monitor this?

9. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?
Usually no...but when bread is low and your jones-ing for a PBJ, you make exceptions.

10. Has your breast development been dramatic?
This I might monitor, but refuse to broadcast.

Again, make sure to take part in the poll and get your two-sense in!


The very important stuff

So, in keeping with our "What is Fatty McGee Countdown," we thought we would show you "first toy" options.

The first toy is a pretty big deal. Especially if the first toy is a plush animal. The likelihood that the chosen beloved creature will be loving named and gnawed on is overwhelming...thus, it's an important choice. Here are our options:

Girl Fatty's elephant.

Boy Fatty's ferret.

Fatty & Mommy's awesome new Nerf guns.

Daddy's gun, "Vera."

We're pretty excited about the guns - don't judge us. It would be awesome when we're going slapstick stupid due to sleep deprivation and baby can be "slinged" for the majority of battles.

Side note: I'm thinking that I'm in trouble because I have 20+ days until the countdown ends....and I can't think of new subjects that pin boy babies versus girls babies. So, post ideas in the comment box if you have any (excluding names).

The rest of you folks, VOTE! Seriously....more than 10 people read this blog. If you've commented, but not voted on the poll...vote.

Also, please feel free to follow this blog. I'm incredible desperate to know who reads this blog on a regular basis - other than the friends & family I hassle, harass, and pay.


Nursery Rhymes....or Riddles

As previously mentioned, we can't make some major decisions until we know what we're working with. So, just like the coming home outfits, here are our bedding options. For fun.

We recently were lucky enough to find a free, all-wood, Jenny Lind-style crib and changing table. Its a light wood, which I'm not a fan of - so it will be getting a fresh coat of paint whether Fatty is a boy or a girl. If a girl, the crib will be painted an aqua-blue or barn red. If Fatty is a boy, kelly green (maybe barn red, depending on hub's reaction). Can you tell that I'm not a white furniture, pastel bedding (pastel anything!) kind of lady?

I haven't decided whether I want to buy or make Fatty's bedding. It really all comes down to whether or not I can find what I want. Above, you'll see my top picks.

I love the simplicity of the pottery barn bedding on the left. I think boys need something simple....nothing too "babyish" - even though he's a baby.

I'm not a HUGE fan of pastel pink. I can't wear it....so, my lil' girl (who will share her parents coloring) won't look that great in it either. So, the nice brown and bright little colors of my girl bedding - with intricate quilting and nature scenery instantly won me over.

Don't forget to weigh in on Fatty's Gender....only 21 days left to get your vote in!


Coming Home...

We don't know what Fatty is yet, but we're making some pretty major plans around what will happens once we do. Names, bedding, crib color, and coming home outfits....all really important parts of parenting (roll of the eye). Anyhow, here are some options we're considering for baby coming home.

The red is for a girl (with a bow, of course), the blue is for a boy.


Weigh in...

Not me...I did that yesterday...not going near it again for another month. I'm talking about all of YOU folks. As Matt and I have about 3 weeks to play the guessing game, we thought we'd let you all in on a piece of that action. So, peruse the options....what do you think Fatty will be?

Counting up....and down

The number of times we've seen the baby.
The number of times we've heard it's heartbeat.
The number of weeks we have until we know what baby will be.
The number of registries I've started and never finished.
The number of times Matt's given into my pregnant food whims.
The number of grandchildren my parents will have once Fatty is born.
The number you have to multiply by 24 to equal how many more days I'll be pregnant.
The number of pounds I've gained (Dr. says it's perfectly normal - wink)
Baby is due on the 9th!
The number of weeks until lil' one can survive outside of mommy if born early.
The number of hours of sleep I get nightly/daily.
The number of times Carter has licked my tummy - attempting to get to the baby (we think).
The number of miles we drove to get a free crib and changing table.
The number of weeks left until summer.
The number of times a day I ask Matt for a "treat" or Girl Scout cookies.
The number of weeks I am today.