I heart parasites

Have you ever had lice?

Most of you would say "yes" to this question, I think.

Lice is a common "sickness" that one will find at most elementary schools. These little vermin hang out in hair and on clothing and are transferred via contact. Also, Little kid hair smells like Johnson & Johnson's - so, one can see the reason behind a louse being so enthralled with the hair of the innocent. These little suckers are usually attracted to clean, straight hair - and in no way serve as a reflection on one's hygiene or lack there of.

So, why am I so interested in lice, as of late? Well, my school released a letter yesterday and we officially have a case of lice at our MIDDLE SCHOOL. We apparently heard this information second hand, but took the proper precautions. Why a parent wouldn't inform us is beyond me, but to each his own.

I read up on offensive and defensive plays that can oft be used to defeat the louse.

1. Listerine - that's right, the acid you gargle with that makes every inch of your mouth wish it were dead...it kills lice...it would probably kill an adult gorilla if left to soak for 2 hours.

2. Vineger - apparently a vinegar rinse helps to release the louses grip on the hair shaft - making for easy removal. Ummm...don't get me wrong, but if someone decided to pour vinegar on me - I would let go too.

3. Hair spray - apparently, the hair spray "dirties" the hair shaft and the louse has nowhere to grip.

4. A good blow-out: Blow drying your hair can help eliminate a louse - in that it burns the little guy alive. (DUH)

I'm sure there are more "remedies" out there - but I must confess that in any of these situations, I (like the louse) would get the heck out of Dodge.


First Day of School

Every year...no matter what age I am...I'm always excited about the first day of school. Ahh, the smell of new plastic binders and freshly sharpened pencils. A new year of opportunities and possibilities - another year to see my students grow and mature -another year to see myself do so likewise. Pretty exciting times.

I love teaching middle school because so much can change in 1 year. Ummm...to be completely honest, so much can change in one class period. But, it's a time in life where kids are all awkward and unsure of themselves and are in need of genuine love and guidance (Let's face it, we're all "middle schoolers" with a couple more years under our belts).

So, wherever you are today and whatever you might be doing. Remember that it's a new year - full of new possibilities and new opportunities - even if you're not a technical student.


Homemade wares and the like

So, this summer I have finally been able to do some of the more creative things that in the last few years I have been (a) too busy or (b) to lazy to accomplish or even attempt.

Here are just a few:

The Coin Purse:

You might recognize the target logo. It's not a wacky new material that is meant as off-beat advertising. No, it's a recycled target bag. I read up on fusing plastic bags together in order to make a usable "fabric" which is water proof. It's a great, inexpensive, eco-friendly way to create all sorts of goodies. I added a nice purple polka dot fabric lining and a black zipper...and there you have it: a coin purse. (The side not pictured had the words" "10 ways to reuse your target bag" still visible....quite fun)

The Slipcover:

I made this slipcover over a period of 3 days, with no pattern. You can read about it on a previous post. It turned out better than expected and was a great learning experience.

The shower Gift

I made these 3 bibs as a shower gift for a girl at church. They have basic cotton on the front and have a purple flannel backing -soft since that will close to baby's skin. They also feature a faux-mother of pearl snap (these are tough little boogers). I really enjoyed these and am constantly improving on the pattern and construction.



Yesterday I awoke, grabbed my morning cup of coffee and quickly started about completing my daily to-do list.

1) Grocery Shopping
2) Laundry
3) Pick up prescription
4) Make slipcovers
5) Finish sewing shower presents
6) Cupboards, Drawers, and Closets
7) Cleaning
8) Run

So, here's how I fared in accomplishing all my tasks. Hub-unit and I went to morning prayer and came home. Hub-unit went back to sleep (as he has not been sleeping well as of late) and I took our pup on a morning run. Pupster did not behave very well, so our run was cut short. Hub-unit has 2 interview today - and I, being a good wife, acted as chauffeur. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping with the hub-unit (nothing like accountability), picked up my prescription....and then spent the entirety of the remaining daylight and some twilight working on a slipcover. A singular slipcover.

It's a slipcover for one of our chairs....which is known as the dog chair. This is the chair's proper title as it is the only chair the dogs are allowed to occupy. As some of you may have read, I am hosting a tea in my home this Saturday for the ladies of our Church and having somewhat limited seating, I wanted to make the dog chair a bit more "inviting."

No, I didn't have a pattern. Who needs a pattern.? Patterns are for sane, efficient people...who desire a well made product and shy away from overwhelming challenges. I laugh at you, patterns! Ha!

Well, as gung-ho as my attitude, I must say the slipcovers are quite a beastly undertaking. I first had to deconstruct a slipcover we had purchased for a couch we no longer own. I was planning on reusing the material...as it is comfy and soft. I then had to look at the chair for about 5 hours straight and figure our where exactly one begins.

I started with the bottom cushion. It had the most complicated shape and was where one actually sat...to therefor, it must be the most foundational element of a slipcover. I ten focused on the armrests and the back cushion. Might I add, that cutting material is much more simple, than sewing it together (with no pattern). Now, I'm working on the back piece and will then be adding the area which I have named "floor trim."

I must say, it has ended up looking better than I thought it would. And hub-unit is pretty impressed with my "making" skills.

Now, off to the laundry.


Thank You

Mom & Dad,

Thank you.

You are an endless source of wisdom, laughter, inspiration, and love. You work tirelessly to give your children and grandchildren joy - always with a willing heart and smile. You wipe away tears and give high fives. You are real, authentic, showing us truth. Encouragement is always on your lips.

Mom and Dad. Thank you for all you give. Thank you for the lives you lead. Thank you.

Happy Anniversary

Oh so exciting

So, in order to foster sisterhood and fellowship, the ladies of my church are having a tea. I know what you're thinking..."That is so uber girly." But I love it. It's been giving me a reason to improve my house, as well as a much needed deadline.

So, I'm trying to do this all on our budget. I...
(a) want my house to look smashing. Well, it might no look "smashing," but it looks pretty darn good. A few missing touches here and there - but I'm pretty pleased.

(b) would like to dress the part. So, gloves and a hat are needed...on a budget...with a deadline.

So, I first started looking at how available these things were on the internet. If you're willing to cut of your arm and sell it to science - you're in luck. For the rest of us, we must scurry about, visiting the local thrift shops and ladies stores. Well, I did that. Couldn't find anything that I liked enough to spend money on...you know how it is.

I made up my mind to make my own summer tea hat for next to nothing. Here's how it went.

Hubby's mom gave me a bright orange sun hat to wear to my beach themed bridesmaids luncheon. I like it, but haven't had much use for it. It's been in my closet for 2 years. So, I dug it out and decided it would have to do for the party.

It obviously needed some embellishment. I went to a local fabric store and rummaged through their remnant pile. I found a gorgeous black satin...and although orange and black are a little "homage to Halloween," I purchased it.

I came home and started my efforts in making a fabric flower using some online help. It turned out beautifully, but I needed more. So, I broke out the sewing machine and made a fabric band to lay wear the brim meets the cap. I used a four lock hem stitch in white thread to add contrast to the black. I tacked the band and the flower to the straw hat using clear quilting thread.

To dress it up even more, I found an aged costume bracelet and used one of the larger beads as a centerpiece to the flower. It adds a nice shimmer.

Now, I must see if I can whip up a matching pair of gloves.




Done & Done

Summer is almost over and it looks like my self-inflicted projects are each coming to their own glorious completions.

1. I have been able to completely de-stuff my house and am preparing for a yard sale in the Fall.

2. I have now painted every single room in our house (save Hubby's office) since we moved in a year ago.

3. I've tamed our beastly yard (with help from my husband & my precious parents).

4. I've managed to read a few books and finally knit.

5. I've explored the roots and triggers of my eating disorder.

6. I've rediscovered a love of all things creative.

7. I've started running again...and found joy in it.

8. I've spent time with my family...my love.

This summer has been filled with goals, both seen and unseen. I'm pleased to report that while I probably could have done more, I've done enough (for now). All in all, a very successful summer.