The last month and a half has certainly been a time of adjustment. I haven't written on the blog or even called many people (besides family) simply because I've been in a season of avoidance...disguised as laziness. Who knows?

I thought that there would be plenty of stuff to keep me busy here in Portland. I had a house to decorate and settle, jobs to find, a husband to cook for and serve while studying for the bar - not to mention a city to explore. That's not really how it played out.

I arrived and nested for maybe a week. Then, we realized that it wasn't going to be that smart getting too settled - as we would move into another apartment or house in a year or less. So, then, I was just left in a house while hubster went to class. I went on walks with Carter-dog for a while, then I just wanted to sleep, stay in bed, and dream away whatever was bothering me.

I've been lonely. I've been sad about our lost baby. I've been mourning the loss of physical nearness to my friends and family. It's been a hard adjustment. Sometimes (before the job offer) I've even thought of how my death would benefit my husband in that he would get the life insurance and I would be with my baby.

Hubster thinks it's serious spiritual attack - as I'm not one prone to self harm. I think I might agree. God has been good and has kept many promises to us - so, even though things are still intermittently difficult - my perspective is improving. I thank God for the many blessings he daily bestows an know that this is simply another growing season in my life. I know God will use all my experiences in the future. I'm excited to see how he works.


Praying for the hubster during the BAR exam

As you all know, the hubs has been preparing for the BAR for the past few months. It has been the most grueling task that he has ever been faced with and I will not hide the fact that he has been completely overwhelmed by it. My husband is wonderful and I have full faith in his abilities, but I have no doubt that right now he is going through a major trial and turning point in his life.

The BAR will be given over a two day period, each day consisting of about 10 hours of testing. The OR BAR will have 2 sections: the first is standard for all states & focuses on federal law and the second is specific to OR laws and consists of 9-10 essays.

I have felt strongly about covering my husband in prayer during the days preceding the exam and the exam days themselves. This is where I am calling on all of you. I am organizing a 68 hour prayer "vigil" for my hubster during his BAR exam. It seems like a lot of time, I know - so, if you can sign up for a 30 minute slot for one day or if you want to pray at a specific time each day, please do. If you have insomnia, then pick a late/early shift....if you'll be up with the baby at 4am - pick that slot. Whatever works for your personal schedule.

Let me know if you would like to join with me in prayer by posting a comment or emailing me (remember to include time and date chosen).

Blessings and Thanks,


I heart coffee - and so does my friend, Missy

So, many of you know that the hub unit and I are shamelessly addicted to caffeine - in fact, I'm writing this from a coffee shop in the middle of the day. We most often partake of our little vice via coffee, espresso, or chocolate. We drink the occasional soda (coke), but we are most loyal to a nice hot cup of JOE.

We roast and grind our own coffee fresh
. We have numerous machines and gadgets that enable us to constantly imbibe good quality morning bliss. The hubs even worked for a month with a bathroom scale on our counter top to insure the "perfect" tamp for his espresso. He's good.

I've been more adventurous
in my love for coffee and it's uses - I digress.

My good friend, Missy, is having a contest on her blog, Miss Moose Designs, giving away 2 reusable coffee sleeved made from vintage fabric. She's a pretty awesome and awfully crafty lady. Check it out. Her blog is not only full of beautiful crafts and funny stories, but she'll also mention her love affair with an early cup of coffee during Sesame Street. I read her blog daily and I think most of you will enjoy her very real and raw way of putting herself and her life out there.