Nursey Dilemma

It's not really a dilemma, more of a quandary, perhaps even a pickle. I cannot figure out how to set up Sosebee's nursery. We have a lot of furniture, a lot of junk, a smallish house, and precious little storage space. Trying to wrap my mind around how to give Sosebee a beautiful, functional nursery that also gives her lots of much needed play space is slightly overwhelming.

We have two rooms that we can consider for the nursery - a room that is closer to our room, but smallish or a much more spacious room that is a little farther away from our bedroom (and also has a door to the outside). I can envision the overall living space being much better employed if we give her the larger room. I can even see the benefits of her being farther away from the noisy parts of the house and even from our bedroom...I cannot get over the outside entry.

Then, we have our current guest room. It's right off of the living room and is pretty small. Sosebee obviously isn't going to be that big when she arrives, but I don't want all of her furniture to simply be squished together. However, it doesn't have an entry to the outdoors and is more easily kept warm in the winter.

I'm very torn. Very. Little help here.


A few book reads....

So, I'm finally cracking open a few books in preparation for parenthood. I would say "we," but Hubs is not so much into the parenting books yet...much more into the graphic novels and comic books. (wink). Both of today's picks come from our church's bookstore and are highly recommended by our family & childrens' pastor.

The first is Sacred Parenting. We started reading this one at the beginning of our second pregnancy. I've just now found the courage to crack it open again.

The second is Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline & Jim Fay. Which I would have not looked at twice had it not been for the person who recommended it.

I'll let you know how they progress and how I like them. Any recommendations from you folks?


The Tummy, She's a growing!

16 Weeks

21 Weeks

Lil' Sosebee Rose is growing like a weed.