Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever

I know what you're thinking...which is a bit presumptuous of me, I admit, but work with me. You are thinking, "It's 8:30 in the morning. What could she possibly have to write about." Well, dear friends, let me explain the night and morning that I have had.

Last night, I ended my reading on Psalm 101. This makes 70 Psalms in one day. I admit this is a fast read, but I have become a voracious reader for the Word and couldn't put it down. Well, God responded. My dreams were filled with scripture - not Bible stories, but scripture. It was awesome. When I woke this morning, it brought to mind Psalm 16. "I will praise the Lord who guides me; in the night also my heart instructs me." I'm glad to know that God even guides me and instructs me as I sleep. I need all the time with Him I can get.

Anyhow, back to this morning. I hopped in my car and started the drive to work. Not 2 miles from my house; I witnessed a 3 car accident as it happened. One car drifted into the median, over corrected and was hit by another car, which was hit by another oncoming car. All within seconds. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Almost automatically, I pulled over, jumped out of my car and ran to help those who were hurt. Thankfully, folks who had cellphones were already on the phones with 911. When all was said and done, I went back to my car and continued onto school. Thank God for safety. Thank God everyone was okay.

Now, if my back would just relax and realize that what we did today was a good thing and not a reason to freak out.


Pray for us

We are looking into the abyss.
We don't know whether to jump or to remain.
We have shaking hands, shaken faith.
We see nothing but a "hopeless" future confront us.

We know God is the great "I Am"
We know that He is our Father.
We know that He will take care of us.
We know that even if He breaks us, He will mend us.

**Pray for hubs and me. That God would increase our faith, remove our doubt, and give us eyes to see the unforeseeable. **


Bible Reading Update

Currently at Job 13. Everyone is always talking about how Job is a "downer." I really like it so far. Job has faith and knows that everything comes from God's hand, whether good or "bad" (and that the "bad" will indeed work for our good), which is an attitude or posture we should all seek to emulate.

Job 1:21 
"Naked, I came from my mother's womb and naked, shall I return. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

I hate packing...going crazy as a result

So, hubs and I are getting ready for the big unknown. Hubs is currently looking for a job outside of our grande 'ole state (as am I - sort of), we're getting our house ready to put on the market, and of course, packing up the homestead. Did I mention that we have absolutely NO idea what we're doing.

Moving has never been difficult for me - well, my Mom would probably tell you otherwise. Growing up as an ARMY brat, moving was a part of life, the natural course of events, like breathing or summers in Aspen...it was just...well...normal. Granted, every move came with it's challenges: finding a school, trying to catch up or stay interested when curriculums & school schedules didn't match up, making new friends, keeping the old, learning road names, learning new languages and most importantly - nevermind - it's all pretty much important. 

See, I'm a slash and burn kind of mover. Don't need it, trash it. I'm not gonna hold onto much. If everything but those dried roses from my senior prom fits into the box, then "bye-bye roses." I see no point in holding onto the old. Isn't that what moving is about - moving on? 

As we begin to pack up our house (our very first house), I'm beginning to feel the need for a machete and a blow torch. I used to be able to pack myself in like 5 hours flat, but after acquiring a husband, 2 dogs, a house, furniture for said house...and a garage full of junk, I fear this packing thing might last ages. Add the injury to my back a few months (years) ago and it seems like a better idea to just stay put. I hate packing. 

Maybe we'll just sell the house fully furnished? 


Big Goals: Before I'm Older

I have a birthday coming up. It's not a milestone birthday or anything, but I think that it beckons to me from afar calling my attention to the ever present fact that I am (if I have not already been for some years) embarking on the journey of adulthood. I'm not referring to the "Hey, I'm twenty-one, so I must be an adult now" brand of adulthood, but the "I should really start acting my age and showing real signs of maturity" adulthood. This is a pretty heavy thought process.

In preparation for this not-so-important-and-yet-increasingly-so birthday I have made a few goals. Here they are:

1) Read the Bible in it's entirety. I'm up to 2 Chronicles.

2) Sew a dress (all by myself) and wear it. You can see it below.

Yep - that's about it. I have very low expectations for adulthood.


Death in the Morning

This morning started off like any other morning. I woke up, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and into the cold morning. I dressed, poured my cup of coffee, kissed my husband good-bye, and went on my way. The drive to work was mundane. I arrived and saw that the lake at school was frozen over. I walked through the brisk air towards my office, smiling at the students (old and new) that passed me. I talked to colleagues and children, witnessed a beautiful piano performance at assembly...made my way up to my office.

And there he was.

One perfect little mole. Scampering about the classroom - relishing the warmth. I recruited a few other teachers to help me retrieve "little mole," knowing that the scene would turn into utter chaos if witnessed by our students. And then it happened, the bucket fell and "little mole" was too fast in trying to escape. It hit his spinal chord and killed him instantly.

How sad. I know that moles are considered pests, but they are so beautiful. It was another moment when I could appreciate God's littlest creations...even if when he came near my pant leg, I screamed like a girl.


The Need to Runaway

We had a great weekend. We forgot the camera - so, unfortunately, there are no pictures. We drove to Asheville, NC and spent the weekend walking around, window shopping, sleeping in, watching television, sitting in the hot tub, and eating. We had a great time. It was freezing (but good).

Since, it was a really uneventful weekend and I have nothing else to write about it, here are my food recommendations if ever you find yourself in this part of the country.

Salsa's: Great Puerto Rican fare that is so fresh! If they run out midday of salsa ingredients, they wing it and use zucchini and peppers. We both loves our sides, but our main dishes sported jerk and curry flavors that we weren't ready for.

Tupelo Honey: Awesome. Get the hormone-free sausage and the grits. Tastiness.

Barley's Taproom and Pizzaria: Alright pizza - great mood.

The Pub (I have no idea what it's reallly called): Good pub food. we honestly just went there for an appetizer. Tasty homemade salsa.

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge: Our new favorite place. They serve our fave, Counter Culture Coffee and have an awesome selection of desserts. We both tasted the carrot cake (yum), the ginger molasses cookie dipped in a dark chocolate (not as good as mine - but tasty), and hubster tried a stout float...a beer float....I mean, kind of weird - he said it was "interesting."

We had a great time, relaxed, and talked about the future. But, now, I'm back at work on a Tuesday and again, feel the need to runaway.


Getting Away

I'm excited. This weekend the hubby and I are getting away, just the two of us, for the first time in a long time. We're heading about three hours north to a place that we have never been. The only plans that we have made are (1) to actually secure a place to sleep and (2) that skiing might have to happen one of the days that we are there.

Hubby and I love to travel, but we find so little opportunity to as a result of his and my own school schedules and other obligations. This was one of those rare occasions when we simply decided to chuck it all, hire the dog sitter, and run away. Very spontaneous - very much a godsend.

So, if you wonder where I am this weekend - when I fail to blog or fail to read/comment on your blogs. You can be 90% certain that I am snuggled up next to my husband in a king-size bed watching TV and eating takeout after a long day of skiing. I honestly don't think it can get any better than that!

Have a great weekend, Everybody!


Only 24 in a day?

My days and nights have become increasingly more busy. During my days, I have had more and more responsibilities put upon me by those around me - for which, I am not compensated or even thanked. During the evening, some of these "day duties" will invade and then I am still left with my several projects, household chores, and oh yeah the things I actually want to do.

How do I do it all? How do I even come close? I know, of course, that this feeling will pass. But, it's currently pretty overwhelming.

Here's to a obligation-free Friday evening that I can spend "catching-up" with life. 



Un-decking the Halls

Today, I am taking our Christmas decorations down and I have to admit, it makes me just a little sad. I love the way our house feels more like a home during the Christmas season. It just seems warmer.

My sister mentioned in passing over the holiday break, that she has never seen our home at Christmas - as we always meet at my parents' home. So, I've posted some pictures of our house - before the de-decking madness ensues.


Every candy dish has been full for the last few months. 

My mini-sled...with some important cargo.

My Gourd-snowman and pine cones. 

A new wooden star for hanging...and an old peace sign in hope.

One of the stockings I knit for our little family this year...I think this one is hubby's. 
They look exactly the same, so it's hard to tell.

This is my Santa "collection." It didn't really dawn on me that I even collected Santa figures until Hubster's and my first Christmas together...He pointed it out. 

This is our Christmas 2008 ornament from Hubby's side of the family. 
It's very nature-themed and country looking...which is pretty much "us."

Our Star

Christmas 2008 ornament from my family...to remember the insane gas prices.

Hubby's gift to me. We don't do Christmas day gifts for one another. 
He bought me this card. It was absolutely the best gift ever.

Our tree. 

My sweet mother-in-law purchased me a subscription to Southern Living for Christmas. 
In it, I saw all these beautiful doorways with greenery. 
I was inspired and used my greenery as a card display
(which I had been searching for for weeks).

Cute, kitchen hand towels from one of my students. They make me happy.

Our very non-traditional, but simple Advent wreath. 

My table stayed set like this for most of the Christmas season. I felt like such a good homemaker.


The Zoo

This morning, and several recent mornings in fact, I have had the privilege of observing the neighborhood deer. He was a beautiful, young stag. He was running through the brush and I found myself (even for just one moment) captivated by the beauty in which his body moved. It was breath-taking. I realized what a rare moment it was that to have the privilege of seeing God's creations in their own environment. Most often, I see sad animals in zoos and wild life refuges. How this is in no way the same as seeing an animal free from constraint and the difference between the two sights is nothing short of amazing. It made me a little sad as I realized many of these ancients have witnessed an encroaching human presence. It made me laugh to think that indeed this particular stag had came to visit me in the human zoo this morning.

As I reflect on this, I am hoping to spend my day treating the animals I encounter more like God's creations and the people that I encounter, less like animals.