Pumpkin in May!?

Monday, my good friends Heather and Randy called me up and asked if I wanted a dog. My immediate response was, "What did Mal (their dog) do?" Mal had done nothing. They had come across a little stray who had been trotting after joggers in their neighborhood. The little stray had spied their dog, Mal, from across the way and came over to play.

Well, hub unit is out of town with both our puppies, so I am pretty lonely. I went over to check out the little one (at least and if anything to have something to keep me busy). She completely enchants you when you first see her. She's a wee thing with a wiggle in her bottom and a need to cuddle. Heather's guess was that she's about 4 mos. old and some sort of yellow lab mix. Needless to say, I stole her away and took her back to my house to keep me busy. I named her pumpkin. We spent the day on our porch. She slept and I graded.

Tuesday, I went to work and immediately found a home for her. It was bitter sweet. She was such an adorable little girl and was such nice company, but she'll have another dog and lots of land at her new home. My first venture into being a foster parent...as much as it hurt to see her go, it was so awesome to see her find an amazing family where she'll be happy.


Yard Work

As you have read, the hub - unit is away on an internship and I have had to take over some of his "duties." First and foremost being the yard. Well, I mowed the front lawn all by myself...which was pretty much awesome considering our riding lawn mower is in a most progressed state of decrepitude.

Well, my parents came up for the weekend in order to rescue me from loneliness and utter boredom (Although there were plenty of things to keep me busy that weekend - I really wanted to see them). Anyhow, we went to a birthday party for my cousin on Saturday and then on Sunday - before I was even awake - both of my parents had already torn into the yard.

The hubster I desperately pleaded with them (prior to their visit) not to entangle themselves with our shameful, forgotten wilderness; however, they insisted. Five hours later the hedges were trimmed, the front lawn was edged, the weeds were eaten, the pine straw was raked, and the back lawn was mowed - and we were exhausted.

It was and still is beautiful. Afterwards I paid them with some yummy Mexican food. It was a good day - one I am sure will be remembered with fondness by all.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. You truly are two of the best parents a girl could be blessed with.



Husband has been gone for a week. I don't usually sleep well when he is not here, but the Lord has been good and I have been able to rest a bit more than usual. I think it's because I have kept myself busy, wearying myself during the day so that when I come home I have no choice but to sleep. Even though it has been better, it hasn't been the same. I've been waking up 2-3 times a night - which is not bad, considering that during previous trips I would stay up all night and try to sleep during the day.

All this to say that a tired middle school teacher is an easily ticked off middle school teacher. My students have been riding my patience like a little kid riding the tea cups - loudly and often. I have always had "rough spots" during the year, but I'm convinced this class is out to drive me bananas.
Ape Crazy, really.

Argh. I better go before I say something even more disheartening.

On an up note, I mowed my lawn all by myself last night...now, I have to tackle weed-eating, hedge-trimming, edging, raking and bagging the pine straw, and cleaning out the beds.


Summer Goals

I don't know if you know this - but, I'm a goal oriented person. I tend to make up a summer goal list every year and this year is no exception. The goals are as follows:

1) Train to make daily commute to and from work by the beginning of August.

2) Read the bible in its entirety in 90 days.

3) Steam Clean all carpet in the house.

4) Spring Cleaning which will result in a garage sale.

5) Paint all the trim in the house.

I'll try to keep you all updated!


A wee bit compulsive

So, I've been a tad bit compulsive recently.

Since my herniated disc and my doctor's orders to cease and desist all running, I have been riding my bike...quite a bit. My goal is to be able to ride the 8.5 miles to and from my work by the end of the summer (17 miles round trip). Gas prices are high and I need something to do while the husband is gone.

So, I went to put on my bike shorts the other day and couldn't find them. I shrugged, put on another pair of shorts and went about my business. 5 hours, 2 raw thighs, 5 closets, 9 rooms, and 1 demolished house later and I still couldn't find those darn shorts. I called the husband and even had him check all of his bags to see if he had mistakenly taken my shorts...he says he didn't.

So, the missing shorts are still nagging me - like 3 days later. I can't find them anywhere. I've gone through every piece of clothing currently in the house and they are still MIA. Are you kidding me?! It's not like I go anywhere else whilst sweaty and gross and take my shorts off - they have got to be in this house. No where. I've cleaned out every closet, refolded all clothing and linens, looked under every bed, bookcase, or other low to the floor furniture. Nada.

So, I'm gonna have to continue to ride my bike - chaffed thighs and all. But, at least I have something to think about and occupy me, right?


A Weekend of Mourning & Loss

This past weekend was eventful. All of it good and as it should be, but hard none the less.

My dear husband traveled 20-some odd hours north of here to start his internship at a firm for the 12 weeks of his summer break between his 2nd and 3rd years of law school. I will be following him shortly - but shortly still consists of 6 long weeks and I miss him. He took our two wonderful dogs to keep him company and for the sake of ease and practicality when I sojourn to be with him. So, there I was on Friday evening...just me and the ferrets.

We have been looking for a new home for our ferrets for sometime. Not because we don't love them, but because we do love them so much. The past year has been very hectic and it took husband and me a lot of thought and reflection to realize our two beautiful ferrety boys were getting the short end of the stick. So, Sunday I drove a few hours away with my mischievous little ones and introduced them to their new momma. It shouldn't have been hard, but it was. We had played all morning and even in the car. The were playing a new game they invented called, "let's crawl in between mom's feet while she's driving and see how long it taked her to pick us up, cuddle us, and return us to our place."

Their new momma is wonderful, I'm sure. I can't help but feel a huge loss - as we raised those little weasels from the time they were 2 months old. I carried Sirius around in the pocket of a sweatshirt and he would fall asleep. I remember when Severus would dare to climb over new barriers and get stuck in new places. I still look at the place where there cage stood and expect to see their sweet faces. It's been a hard week, but I know the ferrets are in a home where they will receive ample attention without a puppy always trying to stalk them.

I didn't really realize how much I would miss my husband, my dogs, and my ferrets. It is an overwhelming experience when you see all who make up your family drive off into the unknown and you are left to return to an empty house. But, it gives one time to reflect upon God's goodness and blessings.

I'm so blessed to have my little family and I'm so blessed to have found a wonderful home for my little ferrets. God is good.


A Bit of a Hiatus

So, I see that I haven't written in over a month. There has been quite a bit going on, so let me keep you updated (all 3 of you who read - thanks to my mom, my stalker, and my therapist for their loyalty) - only kidding....I don't have a therapist....or a mom... (only joking....I have a mom - no stalker).

Well, I've been out of town this past month more than I've been in town. I've been traveling with students on class trips. It's been a blast and I've learned something about myself....I never want to have 70 children....travel really stinks when you have that many potty breaks.

I've also learned that my body hates to travel when it's being forced to do so. My body decided to get really stressed out and to break out into a blisters all over my face - for those of you who remember the same thing happened last year on a much larger scale...this year I caught it before it could progress to being unbearable.

But, as I have been recovering from travel, I have been sleeping non-stop. Case in point, last night I went to bed at 7:30-8:00pm and woke up at 7am....which is pretty late. So....I'm not quite back to myself....or I'm aging rapidly.

I'm really ready for the school to be over with - not because I don't like my job...but because the kids are SOOOOOO ready. I feel like the have regressed back to Neanderthals and are walking around moist of the just baning their heads on walls or hitting each other with sticks and other blunt objects.

It's really a fun time of the year and I'm doing well. I'm getting my summer "to-do list" together and hoping to retreat away from the world for a few weeks time of prayer and reflection...I'm so ready for a sabatical.