Blogging Again

I think I'll start blogging again.

To be blunt, there is NOTHING ELSE TO DO HERE.

(Let's back track and make this about as painless as possible. )

We had a baby, Sose, she's beautiful (that happened in 2010). I kept working and Matt stayed with Sose (hard, but good). I finished out the year (middle schoolers are awesome), whilst Matt and I planned to pack all our belongings into a POD hoping that do would do something - be it a job for Matt or a new place to live in PDX. We lived out that summer as nomads with our 9-month-old. We lived in our Vanagon and friend's couches - awesome. Then in August we returned to PDX and with no sign of a job for Matt in sight, we planned on staying in PDX. The day before I went back to work, Matt was offered a job in GA. We jumped on it. We sold the Vanagon (super sad) and headed back East. We lived with my parents for 9 months (Matt didn't make enough money for us to live on our own) and I stayed home with our kiddo. The job stunk. The pay stunk. The benefits stunk. A few days before Christmas we find out I'm pregnant (SURPRISE). We have no idea how in the world we will make it - but we trust. Come June Matt is offered a job in WY. We jump on it. I travel across country again only now 7 months pregnant. We move into a historic cottage downtown (read: old, piece of crap house). My pregnancy immediately gets rough. Baby is born healthy (YAY)...and now, 2 months post baby #2, I am coming to the realization that this township/village that I live in offers a few luxuries:

1) Plenty of fresh air - using blowing at 60mph - you're bound to get a lung full.

2) Plenty of time to knit...because otherwise, I'm going to a very depressing mall - to walk around and stare at the big haired ladies.

Anyhow. I'm blogging again. I hope you read. IF not, that's cool too.

Maybe, I'll just write for me ;)