Yesterday I awoke, grabbed my morning cup of coffee and quickly started about completing my daily to-do list.

1) Grocery Shopping
2) Laundry
3) Pick up prescription
4) Make slipcovers
5) Finish sewing shower presents
6) Cupboards, Drawers, and Closets
7) Cleaning
8) Run

So, here's how I fared in accomplishing all my tasks. Hub-unit and I went to morning prayer and came home. Hub-unit went back to sleep (as he has not been sleeping well as of late) and I took our pup on a morning run. Pupster did not behave very well, so our run was cut short. Hub-unit has 2 interview today - and I, being a good wife, acted as chauffeur. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping with the hub-unit (nothing like accountability), picked up my prescription....and then spent the entirety of the remaining daylight and some twilight working on a slipcover. A singular slipcover.

It's a slipcover for one of our chairs....which is known as the dog chair. This is the chair's proper title as it is the only chair the dogs are allowed to occupy. As some of you may have read, I am hosting a tea in my home this Saturday for the ladies of our Church and having somewhat limited seating, I wanted to make the dog chair a bit more "inviting."

No, I didn't have a pattern. Who needs a pattern.? Patterns are for sane, efficient people...who desire a well made product and shy away from overwhelming challenges. I laugh at you, patterns! Ha!

Well, as gung-ho as my attitude, I must say the slipcovers are quite a beastly undertaking. I first had to deconstruct a slipcover we had purchased for a couch we no longer own. I was planning on reusing the material...as it is comfy and soft. I then had to look at the chair for about 5 hours straight and figure our where exactly one begins.

I started with the bottom cushion. It had the most complicated shape and was where one actually sat...to therefor, it must be the most foundational element of a slipcover. I ten focused on the armrests and the back cushion. Might I add, that cutting material is much more simple, than sewing it together (with no pattern). Now, I'm working on the back piece and will then be adding the area which I have named "floor trim."

I must say, it has ended up looking better than I thought it would. And hub-unit is pretty impressed with my "making" skills.

Now, off to the laundry.


  1. Big Sis3:27 PM

    WOW! You've been busy! You've blogged like 1000 times since I've been here last, shame on me. Nice hat, by the way.

    I'm sure the slipcover is awesome, I've never tried to sew one, but mom did the one for my couch a few years ago.

    How did M's interviews go?

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    how very Proverbs 31 of you


  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hey Lyd!
    Check out my sister's blog. www.mama2ryleigh.blogspot.com
    I'm super proud of my niece!!
    Love you guys!!!!!!