....it feels good to be a gangsta

It's Friday, people and I must admit, I am super psyched. Understand, the week has been hard. But, there have been shining moments in my days that have been like photo captures on a hallmark card.

While reading the previous post, I realized it is super negative- so here are five bright moments from my week:

1) I had my children run to objects in our classroom as I said their Spanish equivalent. At one moment 15 students piled onto an old, beat-up sofa. They were giggling and smiling and it was perfect.

2) One of my Cross Country girls won her race - meaning she was the first girl to finish. She has been working hard all season...and it was about time. She was glowing and I was so proud. You know it's one of those moments that is helping to give her confidence and a piece of her identity.

3) I ate a pasta dinner and a chocolate dessert and I didn't feel guilty about it. Granted, I had thoughts like: I'm eating a lot of carbs - but, I ate them, I appreciated my meal, and I moved on.

4) I shared sweet moments with good friends at our house fellowship. Thanks James, Lyndie, and Lewis.

5) I shared a meal with folks I work with and walked away feeling like I had a better understanding of who they were and where they were coming from. I hope they did the same.

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