Abandoned Cars

This morning on my drive into work, I passed an abandoned car. Not an entirely unusual occurrence whilst driving along the highway. This particular car had a red shirt stuffed in a ball, hanging halfway out the window - which caught my eye.

Was this a signal? A cry for help? A "Leave me be, I'm sleeping" amongst an underground community of shoulder dwellers? A seedy sign of a black market transaction.

My mind was racing.

Most certainly, it was simply a red shirt, shoved into a cracked window, but it provided a wonderful playground for my imagination this morning.

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  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    You're a riot....ya know, I think your sister is a great writer but you have definitely got the gift as well! Your writing is very, very good....to the point of me completely, almost idolizing it....that is, if I practiced idolatry. =) Maybe one day, when my vocabulary is above a kindergarten level, I'll even take a crack at writing more...I'm bound to get smarter the longer I homeschool my kids, right? HA! Anyway, if you ever publish a book, I'd like to be first on your list to buy a copy...hee hee!