Happy New Year....New Things

Well, this second day of the new year has been the first we have had in our house for the past 2 weeks. We've actually spent less than 12 hours in the comfort of our own home. We've been out and about visiting family over the holidays - which has been wonderful and tiring. It is good to be home.

This is the first year I haven't sat down and written out goals or resolutions. I mean, sure...I could lose some weight. I could probably work out more, have more quiet times (definitely), consume smaller amounts of caffeine and sugar, read more, etc.....but, I really don't care to write that down. Why should I make a record of my failings....why not write list of things I did correctly during 2007.

So, here you go:

1. I confronted my eating disorder and truly changed my mindset towards food.
2. I realized my job is just a job...and at the end of the day is not worth stressing over.
3. I stepped out and started my own business.


  1. 4. I was totally hot all year long
    5. I was an awesome wife

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    you have a good man...

    it was great to see you guys! Love ya!

    Big Sis

  3. Cheers! I'm so proud to know you. Facing your challenges (and loving Matt) this year took a heroic effort.

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Good for you! I'm so glad that you are giving yourself some pats on the back.
    6. You painted 5 rooms in your house.
    7. You and hubby hung 3 ceiling fans.
    8. You nade original and beautiful Christmas gifts
    9. You started biking.