Coffee Grounds Where?

I've been noticing a little bit of what I will term "bumpiness" on my thighs. I dare to whisper the word, "cellulite." Well, as you know, I do struggle with my self image. I will hone in on any little imperfection and magnify it by 5 BILLION. Well, my little bumps are my latest silly obsession. The thing is, I really like researching the causes and treatments for all sorts of random maladies. So, while it might be weird to some people, it's like pleasure reading for me.

I was looking at natural treatments for cellulite (I'm just that natural kind of gal) and I found that one of the main ingredients in most cellulite creams is caffeine. One natural remedy suggested taking warm, recently used, coffee grounds and rubbing them on the affected areas. You then then wrap said areas in saran wrap for 10 minutes. Rinse - definitely not a step you would want to forget or forgo.

I know what you're thinking. Did she really do it?

Yes...I basically became a coffee filter in a Ziploc bag.

I LOVE home beauty treatments and this one was no exception. The coffee grounds served as a nice and inexpensive exfoliant (who knew?) and the saran warp (in the words of Melissa Pepin) made me sweat like a man. For anyone who is adventurous and wants smoother (notice I didn't say cellulite-free) legs, try it out. I believe you're suppose to repeat the treatments 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks or so before you see results.

Let's face it...my husband is at work all day and I can get bored easily. I know that I could be out and about touring the new town, but I'm still pretty exhausted from all the recent travel. Stay tuned, we are heading to Portland for the 4th and are sure to have some fun stories to post.

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