Verizon Wireless Hires Incompetent People - and it's a well known fact

As a previous post explained, Husband and I have had to put up with faulty phones, bad coverage, and useless customer service for the past 2 years - as we were naive and signed a 2 year contract with Verizon Wireless.

Last week, husband and I canceled our service with Verizon and ported our numbers over to AT&T. We were told by a sales rep that our contract was up in early June...so, we held out for a few months so that we could get the phones we wanted.

We should have known better - as a law student and a teacher - GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.

Ends up that Verizon can hit us with a $350 termination fee...why? Because they claim (in direct conflict with all previous statements made by Verizon representatives) that our contract doesn't end until August (not June). We tried to talk logically to the customer service folks for half of the day to no avail. In fact, I am so sick and tired of dealing with people who are either legally brain dead OR completely morally depraved, that we are actually porting our numbers back to Verizon, changing our AT&T numbers (so that we can use our functioning phones), and just letting the Verizon contract ride out until August (sans usable phones) for $70 instead of the $350.

I hate Verizon. I'm pretty much convinced that our contract did end in June and that they auto-renew your contract month by month (after your real contract is over) so that they can completely rob you.


  1. never been a verizon customer but Im pretty sure that cell phones are the fall of man.... yup...pretty sure. :)

  2. Missy9:36 AM

    I KNOW! Jon and I have Verizon, and have had them for 8 years, and know about about their superb (sarcasm) customer service! I'll go with you if you want to show up on their door step and poke some folks in the eye.