Hillcrest Orchard

Last weekend we ventured up to the northern part of our lovely state to celebrate the apple festival at Hillcrest Orchards with some friends of ours. The drive was really lovely. We had to stop on the way up so that I could stretch my legs and do some exercises for my back, but it was fun.

We arrived at the Orchards and immediately took care of some urgent business.

The food was tasty. We had BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, apple fritters, fried apple pie, and apple doughnuts. I washed it all down with a lovely mug of hot apple cider.

It was off to the races after lunch - the PIG races. We actually watched baby piggies race. They were really cute.

After the pig races we headed to the petting zoo and the pony rides...and then it hit me that these animals (even the baby piggies) looked pretty unhappy, miserable, and mistreated. It definitely cast a huge dark cloud over the event.

We checked out the moonshine museum....at the children's area (???) and to be perfectly honest I couldn't really focus on the moonshine trivia because the smell of human excrement pretty much overpowered everything in the small shack. It was only when I walked out of the small shack and saw a pipe oozing what appeared to be solid waste into the orchard that we decided to not buy any apples.

Now, this all being said...We had a great time with our friends...but, it made me mourn the loss of something wonderful and natural that has been forced into some kind of dirty, cheap, entertainment - just to make a buck.


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Back to your hillbilly roots!
    I am so glad you guys had a great time.

  2. Ooo, I wonder if y'all went up near where my folks live now. If so, I've got a much better apple place for y'all to visit. Just apples (fritters, pies, etc.). No piggies, no moonshine, and no human excriment.

    Check this out:
    Best fried applie pies I've ever eaten.