No more traction (insert maniacal laugh here)

Yesterday, I began what I think is the fourth week of my physical therapy. I was thrilled with my PT when she stated that we would be weening me off of traction.

Enter the inversion table.

So, I spent 3 minutes upside down - very relaxing. I now know what a balloon feels like right before it's going to *POP.* My PT told me that we'll be working up to 5 minutes. Joy and rapture.

She then took me to some kind of pulsing magnet - who knows what - but it was awesome. If it had been a little stronger, it would feel like being tattooed (I think, I've never had a tattoo).

Anyhow, all the stuff seems to be working because I've gone about 2 weeks with a relatively small amount of pain...I think at this moment I'm just holding my breath - as though all of my health is walking on a tight wire...and if I sneeze or cough or exhale, it will all blow up in my face.


  1. sounds like an interesting regimen. maybe you could add sleeping on a bed of nails.
    ouch...i feel for ya, girlie!


  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    How wonderful! Thank God you are feeling better.