The seasons are changing...and so is our life

My hubby and I have had a rough few weeks and needless, to say our entire life has been thrown off balance. Balance is way overrated. Personally, I find that I do my best thinking, creating, praying, and loving when I'm in a place where something is out of sync or step. It's like a change in rhythm in the middle of a song...some people hate it...but it brings monotony to an end and makes the song come back to life.

God is so good when He brings to the point of realization that our life needs a change in rhythm. My hubby and I had been wrestling recently with what our next steps would be. What did God have? The hubs is finishing law school...my job allows a lot of flexibility...we certainly felt a call elsewhere, but what? Where? In the current economic climate it seemed to risky to even dare entertain thoughts of leaving a paying job. No, the safe, logical, responsible option was to stay put until the economy improved.

Then came the pregnancy.

Something about being pregnant. Knowing that you will be a mother or a father and realizing that that little child will receive so many life lessons simply from observing how you live, lights a fire deep inside. It'll burn you. It'll burn the very essence of you completely - if there's nothing worthy of remaining or emulating. Matt and I totally feel victim to the fire. Habits started breaking left and right. Confidence grew.

We decided that we weren't going to let ourselves become people who settled; people who were safe; people who didn't have the faith to listen, take the risk, and step out. That wasn't what we wanted for our children...why would we want it for ourselves?

Our baby was the catalyst. We jumped.

My husband applied to take the bar in a state we have never been too. I told my boss I would not be returning for the coming school year. We called a realtor and put our house on the market.

And now...we fall...we wait...we pray.

New life...here we come...here we are.


  1. So exciting! I'm hoping the state is Alabama, but have a feeling it may not be...

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Yes, I am hoping it is Alabama too.