Really?! I can't handle this

So, as most of you know or have read, we have been dealing with some losses as of late. Specifically, the loss of our doggy companion, Brennan, and the much larger loss of our first pregnancy.

I spent the past three days at a team building camp with 80 eighth graders and a swell group of teachers away from hubster and our other puppy companion, Carter. We were outdoors 24-7, rain or shine. We rode horses, went rock climbing, hiked, conquered ropes courses, and ate. It was a blast. Needless to say, that when I returned home last night at 9:30 after a five hour delay due to a broken down charter bus, I was exhausted. I ate dinner, talked to my Hubster and in-laws, pet my puppy, showered, and headed to bed.

This morning the Hubster and I rose late, put on some coffee, and I headed to the garage to let puppy out for his morning constitutional. To my dismay, puppy was no where to be found and there was a 2 ft. space between the garage floor and door staring me in the face. It came to mind that last night while giving puppy his good night kisses, that I must have somehow opened the door and not realized it - or mistakenly thought that I had closed the door. After a few choice words aimed at myself, Hubby and I ran to the yard and called for puppy to come home - all in vain. We hopped in our car and drove around - calling for puppy and asking neighbors - all in vain. I admit that as the tears fell and reality set in, I got mad. I know that Carter is just a dog, but to lose my dog (Brennan Girl), our baby, and then my husband's dog (Carter) in just a matter of weeks was a lot of loss. I felt numb. Then, I recollected the story of Job. It reminded me that life is full of loss and if one were to do a side by side comparison, I was much better off than Job. One thing does remain - if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior - we can never lose Him. God is good.

We returned home, called animal control, and posted on a neighborhood forum. Then came a phone call. A gentleman asked to speak with Carter and Hubby's response was "you have Carter, this is his owner!" Come to find out, Carter's night out on the town had ended at 2AM, when a neighbor couldn't figure out what his dogs were barking at. Apparently, Carter couldn't resist the society of a few good-looking pups down the street. The neighbors were kind enough to take him in for the evening and let us sleep. Good folks.

There is certainly no other experience in the world like finding something that was once thought lost; or seeing life where only death was thought to prevail.


  1. So glad you found your little one!

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Excellent wisdom and writing! You have such a easy way of expressing yourself.

    Isn't it wonderful that Jesus conquered death, health, and the grave? Thank you for reminding me that with Jesus life always prevails.

  3. Donnie9:02 AM

    As a good friend of mine likes to say, "That'll preach."