This is for you, Abby from OK

A few weeks ago, I got my guest room in order. For the first time in the three years that we have been living in this house, the room had a theme and an identity beyond "the extra bed is in there...along with a bunch of junk." I chose to use a slightly shabby chic motif. Of course, to go completely to the shabby chic side of things, there would be no dark woods, everything would be white or pastel in color, and there would certainly be window treatments and beautifully adorned walls. I, as we are moving, neither have that kind of time nor cash motivation to do so...I will call this room "Shabby Chic to Sell."

Back to the topic at hand. I have a wonderful friend, Abby, who has been asking for pictures of my newly themed guest room. Abby, these are for you. Enjoy everyone.

My parents gave me this beautiful coverlet set for my birthday. Pictures don't do it justice.

This is a close-up of the coverlet set with my new-to-me vintage hobnail vase complete with pink hydrangea and white peonies (my favorite). 

This is an awesome little reading table that I found over ten years ago at a garage sale. I originally gave it a mosaic table-top, but have since outfitted it with this vintage mirrored cabinet.

This is the slipcover I made while in the throws of my doughnut & Miami Ink weekend. It turned out better than expected. However, I'll  forego the pleats next time and opt for more girlish and full ruffles - I'm sure all our male guests will appreciate it. 

This is a detail of the pleating on the slipcover. 

The focal point of the room is an antique window frame (circa 1920) from my husband's family's homestead framed by white lilies.  

In the white tray beneath,  hammered glass tea light holders display vintage gold jewelry. 

Every guest room needs it's own antique Baptist hymnal.

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  1. Love the guest room make-over! I really like that quilt. And I love all the toile. I'm a sucker for toile. Great idea for displaying the vintage jewelry.