A Long Journey

Well. 3000 miles is a long way. I have so much to write about it and so much more to post, but I think I'm still processing it all. It was a good, safe, and fun trip. Now, the reality has set in and I'm pretty much crying all the time - although that could be the hormones too.

Thanks to all who are keeping up...sorry for the little break I took from posting. I'll try to be more purposeful and disciplined in my writing once we actually have the internet in our home.

For more of our writings about this really neat adventure, check out the blog that my hubster started: The Georgia-gonians.


  1. Glad that you made it safely to Oregon. 3,000 miles is a LONG way. I remember thinking on our move to WA that we would never get there. I am jealous that you are in the NW. Please don't tell me if it is a cool 75 degrees out. It's still humid as all get out here in case you were wondering.

    I am praying for you. I hope you are able to meet some new people soon and that you and Matt get some time to explore you new area. :)

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Change isn't easy and you guys have made many of them at one time! Crying is normal, try to get out of the basement and exercise. That will make you feel better.
    Remember one of God's attributes is that He is omnipresent. He is with you and will help you in all the changes.