I lied.

I lied....I think my daughter's room will have some pink in it. Still nothing too "froo froo," but some little-lady-like pink for sure.

Hubs and I started working on the registry last night - and I have to admit....the moses basket I registered for has a pink ribbon - which can easily be replaced with something more masculine should a maculine baby come a long in the next few years.

Oh, I'm pretty psyched...and a little scared to death.

My sister has 4 boys and I feel comfortable with the wild rompus, adventure seeking, no-holds-bar kind of boy rearing.

I'm a little wary of raising a girl - cause there are SO many issues that girls can bring to the table. BUT I think back on all the experiences and challenges God has brought into my life (that are unique to women) and I thank Him for those things. Maybe he was preparing me for my little girl.

He's really good!


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Is that the Pottery Barn bedding?
    It is very beautiful.

  2. i miss my friends a lot today. :( And Im sad lil miss S will only know be through skype...WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( p.s. make your own bedding...your WAY to good with a sewing machine not to. :)