No Poo Movement

A friend chatted me up earlier today to ask me how I go "shampoo-less." It's fairly simple.

I started my research out of a motivation to cut costs and go natural, but it became a way to cut down on our family's use of plastic products - more on that later. I was lucky enough to find this site - which has been awesome for more than just "No poo" recipes.

I certainly did not reinvent the wheel. I use a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved with just a little water as a "shampoo." It's more of a scalp scrub and will remove the oil build-up on your roots. Be fore-warned, if you like lots of suds action - this isn't for you. I "condition" with 2 tbsp of ACV diluted into 8oz. of water. I only put the ACV solution on my ends - for me it makes the top of my scalp seem "greasy." If my hair seems to need a little extra conditioning, I'll treat my hair to a little warm jojoba oil (once a week).

My hair has been great. I have no complaints. Although I will state that I have very easy-to-work hair. I have noticed that I have plenty of volume and can easily go without blow-drying.

I'll say that shampoo might be "easier," but it's not necessarily better.

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