Time to sew....

Hubs and I had an awesome Saturday.

We started by sleeping in until 8AM - heaven. We followed that up by walking to the bakery down that street. Who knew avocado in an egg scramble could be SOOO good?

I had to spend my afternoon taking my last few tests to insure my teaching license for next year. And then, we went shopping!

Matt and I headed to Fabric Depot - which is like 5 acres (I'm exaggerating, but it's big) of fabric. I was able to check out ALL of the prints I was interested in ... and some that I had dismissed. I decided on Moda's 3 sister's Martinique. It has a lot of soft colors that made Matt happy and it was plenty feminine for me. We were excited that it was OUR first purchase for lil' Sosebee Rose.

Here's a sketch of her quilt that I made using images of the purchased fabric and pixelmator. I still have to sketch her lil' sham....but, what are weekends for?


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