32 Weeks - only 56 days to go!

We went in for our 32 week check-up on Wednesday. It was par for the course as far as check-ups go. Doc checked out lil' girl's heartbeat - looking good. Doc measured my belly - measuring normal because she didn't state otherwise. Doc then asked if I had any questions. I woke up that morning in a bit of pain - so she gave me a quick check. No worries. I'm not dilated.

Baby girl is head down and looking like she is in a good position for a normal (no C-section birth). Her bottom is pushing up towards my ribs. Doc thought it was her noggin at first, then came to the conclusion that Sose must have a bone-y bottom - that's my girl! She has a strong little heartbeat that always makes our doc smile and she is constantly in motion. Soooo looking forward to meeting her.

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  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    She probably will have the "Crisp" butt.