I have the best husband ever

This week we celebrated the Hubs' birthday. I'll start with the statement that I married one of the best men (if not the best man) on the planet. He has a big heart, a great laugh, and is simply the kind of guy who makes everyone around him want to be better. When I met the Hubs I immediately knew that he was my best friend, my perfect compliment, and the ideal partner in crime. Here's to you, honey!

You are the catalyst to all my adventures and gambles. Coming face to face with bears, almost dying in 3ft of water, being shark bait, and heading West - I cried the whole way, but it has been so worth it.

You've always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and conquer my fears. I know that I would still be struggling with so many mindsets had you not been diligent to keep me accountable and push me towards healing.

You always do those things that I don't want to - never complaining. Yard work, cooking, bills. You take care of me and always in such a way that is completely self-less. I don't deserve it.

You prayed for our babies - even before you even knew you were ready to be a dad. You held me each time we lost them and reassured me each time we became pregnant. You were steady and had faith - when I was completely broken.

Even now. I know it's been the hardest year of our life. You have smiled through it all...and kept me laughing the whole way.

I love you.  


  1. I came close to getting a little misty-eyed there, Lyd. That almost makes me want to take back the "Terd Fergeson" remark :)

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    So sweet!