Getting Ready

We had our last appointment on Friday - which also happened to be our fifth wedding anniversary. Baby is looking good. Strong heartbeat, head down and "butt to the front" (anterior) position, 1.5 cm dilated, and I still weigh less than my husband. Not a bad way to start your anniversary.

Doc did seem a little surprised that I was dilated and stated that I might go into early labor...but who knows when? We're not stressing too much over it, but we certainly are getting a bag packed ASAP.

Here are a few pics of us "preparing" in our own special ways. Enjoy.


  1. Lyd, you look amazing! I can't even tell you're pregnant in that shot. I love the little dress. Hope Sose has some hair for that bow :) My little nugget is still as bald as her daddy (She turned 8 months Sat.)

  2. Thanks! It's amazing what cropping a photo can do for the pregnant figure. I hope she has hair too, but if she takes after me, she'll look like a little boy until she's three. Her daddy had the loveliest blonde, curly locks as a baby - so fingers crossed.

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Such a beautiful glow....pregnancy is such a beautiful time for women...so glad you are enjoying it and so excited for you both to be parents!

  4. You look so radiant Lydia!!!

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Is that her coming home dress?

  6. Get ready!!! I was dilated for 4 weeks before I had Anahi, just so you know...but I'm hoping she comes sooner so you don't have to wait that long!!! Can't wait to her her squishy cute face :D