Nursery Library Necessities

We like books in this family, which is more than evident by the three completely filled, floor to ceiling bookcases in our guest room - as well as the fact that most of our furniture is hosting some kind of literary guest. This means, baby girl is gonna have books.

With limited space in a nursery, no spare bookcases, and a desire to stay within our budget, we have been forced into ingenuity and "make-it-workedness." Enter the nursery's library.

I like using books as decor. So, I thought it was obvious that lil' one's dresser would sport some written word. But, books are slippery beasts and I have no desire to wake a sleeping newborn with the crash of several Dr. Seuss renditions on the floor. We have some bookends in the casa, but nothing suitable for a nursery (marble horse heads = trip to the ER and possible DEFACS visit). So, I whipped up some canvas bookends - which are basically giant bean bags, but do a great job of keeping those books in their proper place. I chose to hand embroider these with one of Matt's favorite quotes from one of his favorite books.

Next, we decided to make a hanging bookshelf - as seen here. We, however, encountered the small problem of not really being able to nail anything into our walls. Our lil' rental has plaster walls and we just don't want to risk a giant hole (in the wall and our wallet). So, using the handy-dandy picture railing found through the house - we made our own version. It consists of three fabric shelves and holds a total of 40-50 pounds. Not bad for what equated to an hour's worth of work and it serves as wall decor.

Thought of the day: Functional and pretty is really the way to go....oh, and handmade.


  1. the book ends with quotes are SO FUN!!

  2. i kinda hate your guts...

    those are so cute and I could NEVER make any of that stuff..its because of people like you that I spend way too much money on etsy! :) hehehe They look beautiful friend!

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Wow! You really have been nesting. I love the book ends. Where did you see those?
    What a wonderful idea! Practical and pretty.