The Sailor and The Whale

A sudden jolt and darkness. Something shifting in the hull...just bilge water. She closes her eyes praying to be rocked back to sleep by the rhythms she's grown accustomed to over the past few months. Not tonight. The shifting is now a predictable tap, tap, tap and she is hopelessly awake. Thrusting her legs over the side of her bunk, she slowly makes her way to the head. No longer needing her eyesight, she navigates the predictable route to her one place of solace. She sits....relieved somewhat by the simple routine of movement, but the tapping continues and she knows she's in for a long, restless night.

It's been an extended expedition. Over a year at sea with two failed sightings. Not this time. She has been tracking this creature too long. She knew her. Her comings and her goings. Her movements and habits. She knew it couldn't be long now. All too soon - she would see her. It would be spiritual and beautiful. It would be bittersweet - as all endings that precede great beginnings are. But she was ready. They were ready.

With a slight smile she lifted her heavy-laden body and again circumvented obstacles in the dark. She heaved her body back into the bunk, eyes wide, hoping that it was soon to come.

Tap. Tap. Tap.


  1. That's beautiful, Lydia. <3

  2. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Just reread this and wow.... it was wonderful.
    Could you video you singing your lullaby to S. and post it?