A life less DRAMA

The title pretty much says it all.

The past few weeks, I have been struggling with an idea and sadly, this idea has become a theme of most conversations, thoughts, blog posts, books, etc. about motherhood (even those from a Christian perspective). I find this incredibly disheartening. Not because it is being said, but because it needs to be said.

Let me explain.

Young mothers are by far the harshest critics of other young mothers. Please, let me finish. I am not saying that we as women are built to be mean and caddy. I really do believe that we are built to live in community and support one another. However, that has somehow along the way been forgotten.  We see the height of girls being mean in middle school and high school (In my opinion). It's a sort of "kill or be killed" mentality and it can take over certain groups of adolescent girls. I have no idea why. I have just seen it happen. Firsthand, as a really awkward, chubby girl and then again as a really awkward and chubby middle-school teacher.

I really thought that phase in my life was over. And frankly, as someone who is a bit of a "feeler," I was looking forward to the complete and total lack of made-up drama in my life. And I have had that perfect lack for a very blessed 8+ years.

Then, I became a mother and started participating in a group of other young moms. I found some friends. I'm friendly; I like to chat. I met some new ladies who are incredibly gifted and have strengths in many areas that I do not. I became more and more involved in this groups, really wanting to give back. Then, it began. Underhanded comments about others. Small judgements. I noticed the women around me slowly pluck at the women around us...as though "eating" the weak. Then I noticed it within my group friends. Comments, words, thoughts, pluck, pluck, pluck.

 I even found myself thinking such things and in that moment having to say, "I don't know what I'm talking about." I have no clue what is going on in the secret lives of the women around me. Absent husbands, financial strains, depression...

Who are WE to judge ANYBODY. Who am I to judge ANYBODY.

We are all here on earth and we are called (by JESUS) to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. FULL STOP. That means that even if you think that person is wrong or a wuss or being overly-dramatic or they have hurt you. You and I are called to love.

 Just check out what Annie F. Downs has to say about it in her book, Speak Love. And full disclosure. I know Annie. She is awesome. She's a college friend and an incredibly gifted writer. I love her insight.

So, let's speak love today. How about in the comments section, you leave the kind of encouragement that you need to hear today. Maybe someone else needs to hear it today too.

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