The Pipes

To say that my husband is a man of "phases" would somewhat be the under-exaggeration of the century.

Since I have met him....phases have included (but have not been limited to):
Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, Coffee Roasting, Espresso machines and Barista-ing, Motorcycles, Electric bass, Upright bass, Fly Fishing, Skiing, European board games, World of Warcraft, Card games, War Machine (minis), Comics, Graphic Novels, Reading War & Peace, Cigars & Pipes, the Rhodes, Surfing (a foray into it anyway), Camper living (living in a van down by the river), The Dobro, Lutherie, Beer brewing, Cooking (like a boss), Leather working, Homesteading...

.....the bagpipes.

No. I am not joking. The BAGPIPES.

Let that sink in for a wee minutes, lassie. No seriously, for real...bagpipes.

But here is the deal. I didn't marry a man who suffers from multiple personalities or from a severe case of ADHD. For better or worse, my guy is legitimately and sincerely interested in EACH of these things.

The hubs would like me to point out that he supports me in my interests...and that he is AWESOME. Although he has pursued all of these hobbies, he has almost always MADE money from each of them and never lost any cash-o-la.  He also feels like the title of this blog post should either be "My husband the Superhero" or "Lydia Loves Matt".

Back to the point.

My husband has a lot of interests. Granted, the intensity of these interests waxes and wanes with our budget (hobbies be expensive!) or our location (no surfing in Wyoming).

The bagpipes have so far been a great joy. Imagine waking up to the latest downloadable piece of bagpipe music. It is memorable, but a bit much before having your morning coffee.

Imagine too (if you will) your three-year-old yelling at her daddy "Stop your singing! Stop your singing," while the one-year-old yells, "[me] Too! [me] Too!," and blows into the chanter like it's a kazoo. The wonder and merriment, of course) completely escapes the dog who refuses to move a muscle, but strongly expresses his disapproval with a low-growl.

I've taken to drinking sitting back and enjoying the circus.

So, my husband is a "Renaissance man" and I think sometimes wives can quickly become overwhelmed with the shifting fancies of such a fella.

But I'll let you in on a secret.

I have benefited made out like a BANDIT from most all of these phases in some way, shape, or form.

Kayaking (Crying hysterically floating down a death serene river ),
Camping (Almost being eaten by bear),
Hiking (Beautiful views from all over the country),
Coffee Roasting (Freshly roasted coffee),
Espresso machines and Barista-ing (Espresso drinks and latte art),
Motorcycles (This one I didn't so much care for),
Electric bass (Dating a musician),
Upright bass (Engaged to a serious musician),
Fly Fishing (A River Runs Through it in real life...without the violence and death),
Skiing (Skiing with my best friend),
European board games (Learning how to play board games that require strategy),
World of Warcraft (Level 82 Troll Priest),
Card games (Entertainment when the power is out),
War Machine (2-4 hours, all to myself),
Comic books & Graphic Novels (Becoming a fan),
Reading War & Peace (My husband still hasn't finished it sounds well read),
Cigars & Pipes (Pipes look really pretty),
Steel Guitar (Married to a man who can play anything),
Surfing (I got to go surfing too),
Camper living (We seriously lived in a van for like 3 months),
the Dobro (I mean, really...the instruments are never ending),
Lutherie (Saving money on all these instruements),
Beer brewing (He can make the ones I like),
Cooking (need I say more?),
Leatherworking (Can you say "purse"),
Homesteading (One day we will be self-sustaining-ish).

Bagpipes... I will finally get to see my husband in a kilt...he's got the legs for it. 

Anyhow, what is the strangest thing you or your significant other have taken up?

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