Mind. Blown.

I recommend everyone just take their computer, tablet, internet router, and chuck them out the window. (Or at least box them up for a few weeks)

Stepping away (maybe not completely, but way the heck back) from Facebook and Email and Pinterest and Hulu was incredibly liberating...like forgetting your cell phone at home while out on a quick errand.

Suddenly, the only things "demanding" my time and attention were my kids (and several loads of laundry & dishes).

When the world isn't constantly calling to you...telling you that it needs a piece of you....there is suddenly a very whole and patient and giving person looking back at you in the mirror.

Quite miraculously, there is more of you to go around.

Not to mention, when you actually DO take the time to come back to the internet and all it's "glories," you realized that it's pretty bland, boring, uninspiring, and well...banal.

You feel slightly more confident - seeing as you have eliminated the majority of outside voices telling you what you should be doing.

Your eyes adjust to day light and aren't so bloodshot. You sit a little taller in your seat. Your neck doesn't ache at the end of each day. Your body quite literally shed a few of it's freakish mid-existence, technology-induced mutations.


So, I come back to the land of the blog and implore you to close your computer, take the apps off your phones, stop looking like a mindless zombie to your kids, and LIVE.

I will continue to write - as I like to do it.

But, let me be at the bottom of your list...as I probably have nothing new to say and can promise you nothing overly entertaining.

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