The Deep Sleep

It's as though my eyes were open for the first time. Scales had fallen and my body was filled with hot blood as it rushed through my veins - the kind of feeling you get when you realize you're enraged or in love. Time stopped, sound ceased, and a moment lasted a lifetime. My fingers nimbly touched the strings, forming the chords they had longed to play, but that had been forbidden. They clumsily grasped at former knowledge, old memories, forgotten dreams and desires. The time had finally come. I choked, my throat filled with dryness...but, I found my voice. I called to it from within and it came to me - the deep, throaty, rusty swell of a low E. I don't recall the words I sang or to which notes I added them, I only remember the feeling. It was a feeling of freedom, of love, of coming, or arrival. I was there...I was there...now, how do I get back?


  1. Big Sis10:32 PM


    I can't wait to hear you play again.

  2. ec phone home... ;)8:35 PM


    As I told you the other day, you are a beautiful writer.

    But, stuff like this just whets our appetite for more. Please - as you are able - keep posting!

    Oh, and I completely concur with "big sis"'s comment. :)

  3. big sis4:02 PM

    We're waiting on another post...

    chirp, chirp...

    feed us, feed us!

  4. guy in the other room11:04 PM

    yeah...what they said.

    oh, and there is that closet...it has that microphone...and that recording equipment we don't know how to use.

    Maybe we should figure it out.