Good Times

Have you ever gone on a road trip unprepared? Unknowingly, I did exactly that earlier in the week. I started driving towards my destination with directions - good directions. I had also been to this destination before - so I didn't really have the whole fear of the unknown. I was ready. I felt good.

About 30 minutes into my trip, I realized I had taken a wrong turn...out of habit. You know the story: you're heading to the grocery store on Saturday and you just happen to take the off ramp that leads to your office. That's where I found myself...thirty minutes into my wrong turn. I was meeting someone, so I called to inform them I might start running behind. As I began telling them the situation, I realized my phone was dying. I had failed to charge my phone. Awesome. An entire day on the road, out of town, with no phone.

So I get back on course,turn my phone off to conserve its power, and try not to speed (I heart cruise control). Then, I realize I'm low on gas...no gas stations for a ways...holy bananas, batman!

To calm your anxieties over my fate (I know your wrought with worry) - everything turned out just fine. I got there, had a wonderful time, and got home without any further disaster; but God once again talked to me through a road trip (this being the summer of road trips).

How many times in our lives do we hear a direction, receive a word or vision, and just run with it - no preparation of forethought whatsoever. "God wants me there - I gotta go!" No offense, but God had planned Jesus' coming, ministry, and resurrection since the beginning of time. He is the Son of the Living God. If anyone has ever had the right to use the "I've been called, I need to go now" excuse - it's Jesus. But folks, Jesus still spent 40 days in the wilderness in preparation for what was to come...and no offense, but are you really above doing what Jesus had to do? I think not.

God has given us all a calling. He's given us all a destination. However, as people (especially American people), we get so focused on the end results that we try to get right to the happy ending where everyone lives happily ever after - ignoring the preparation, ignoring the journey, and biding our time until one day we happen to be where God wants us. So, yes, you might have taken that leap of faith and immediately jumped into the mission field or the ministry - but can you do all God intended if you show up unprepared? No food for the hungry, no hope for the hopeless, no love for the broken...nothing?

I hate to break it to anyone (especially myself), but God is the God of process. He calls us to great things and He requires much of us - that includes a little foresight and well, responsibility. So, when you get your directions...pay attention and break out of autopilot, charge your phone, and fill your tank - while it could be a smooth ride, it will most likely be bumpy - and preparation will get you there in the manner God intended.

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