What is the most romantic gesture your spouse has every ventured to make on your behalf?

I could name several. See, my husband is a "hopeless romantic" - He wants to be romantic, but it's pretty much hopeless (his words, not mine).

Before we were married "romance" consisted of flowers, dinner, gifts, and dancing. Believe it or not, one Valentine's day, I awoke from a nap with brownie ala mode and the most handsome man in the world awaiting me. He might be "hopeless," but he knows what I like.

The night he planned on proposing, he took me to a nearby city and we walked around a park, went ice-skating, ate a fabulous dinner, and then went back to my apartment to watch my favorite Christmas movie. I fell asleep. He stole the key to my apartment, locked me in, and woke me up at 4AM with a ring. (Note: he likes to wake me up).

Well, this morning I awoke to the sound of a lawn mower. That's right, my hubby was mowing our ridiculously sized yard. And there you have it, ladies - Romance.

Now that we're married and living on a budget, I'm not often risen from my bed to find chocolate or diamonds. Dinner and dancing don't usually find their way into our schedules. Romance right now is found in a look, a conversation, a touch. It shows its face in the dishes, the chores, and yes, even the lawn. It might not seem all that romantic to other folks - but romance is in the eye of the beholder. And I hate to brag, but this morning, my husband was the romance king.


  1. mmmm... good words Lydia. The other day I got back from working out to find that my husband cleaned the bathroom. WAY more special than a new piece of jewelry or night out on the town.

  2. Good going Mr.M!