Growing Up?

I think I could possibly be growing up. Really. Schocked? Me too. I mean, I'm not surprised - I don't think. I knew this day would come; I just didn't know I'd be so happy it did.

I suppose one's reaction to growing up hangs upon their definition of "grown up." I should clarify that my definition by no means is in any way associated with getting older, having a mortgage, having a "real" job, not trying to accomplish more daring stupid human tricks with your husband on your days off - you know, the basics.

For me, it was a realization that came suddenly. Sure the process took ages...and will continue until I'm dead and gone, but this was one of those sweet moments that gives you just a glimpse of heaven.

I knew me, I liked me and I accepted myself fully in the presence of others. Amazing.

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  1. guy in the next room9:57 AM

    i love you so much. you are so beautiful. i am so proud.