Livin' in the 395

I have my summers off. That's one of the awesome things about being a teacher. You pour yourself out for 10 months out of the year (closer to 9) and then you get a nice break (several breaks throughout the year, in fact). My job is a pretty sweet gig.

However, I am of the unfortunate disposition of goal-neediness. I gotta have them. If I don't, I do nothing. A.K.A, I sit on the chair all day researching homemade shampoos online while my dogs look at me. Tangent: Surprisingly, there are some great shampoo recipes out there - I haven't tried them, but they look good and possibly edible, I mean effective.

Back to the point. New goals are a necessity. The hub unit has finals this week and I must stay out of his way. I figure, what better way to be neither seen nor heard than to undertake some home improvement projects.

Here are the home re-vamps scheduled for this week...possibly to commence today if my homemade house cleaners venture turns bust:

1. Paint guest room. ("Rafia Rain" something or another...it's one of those nice neutral guest roomy colors).

2. Get bonus room together. The bonus room is my "office" if you will. However, it is more commonly know as the room in which all of my hobbies collectively vomited. Must be tackled.

3. Paint bonus room in an effort to encourage me to keep it neat. Probably not going to work.

4. Paint hallway. I paint a lot, mainly because I can't do any other home improvements save yard work. M had banned all use of power tools. I can't even say the words "Home Depot" for fear of exile.

5. I should clean. I realize we have a "shallow sink," but our cupboards are nearly empty of all suitable eating instruments and one can only play the "What can I eat without getting anything dirty" game so long.

I better get going. The longer I sit here and blog the more I realize I have to do...and I've got a homemade drano to make.

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