I think the generations of today have gotten caught up in stuff. "Stuff?" you ask. Yes, stuff.

You know exactly what I speak of: the bread machine you have never used, the shoes you bought because they were a "good deal," the thousands upon thousands of _____________(fill in the blank) that ooze out from under your bed. You know, stuff.

I can understand why. The greatest generation of our time lived through the depression and a war that called for rationing, recycling, and making do. The Baby Boomers were raised by these people, but were also faced with great success...capitalism + hoarding = pack rats. We were then raised by the Baby Boomers and have never really been faced with a real trial, we've never been in a time of want (excepting, of course the fact that we were inundated with loads of advertments tauting the next big thing resulting in us "really wanting" it)...capitalism + hoarding + materialism = us and the current culture of American Society.

In an effort to go against the grain, the hub unit and I are trying to simplify everything in our life. What does that look like? We're going to sell the things we don't use (barring sentimental attachment), things we don't need, and things we feel get in the way of just living a life of simplicity. Of course, this means, I'm getting rid of some clothing that I no longer wear, the jewelry I don't really need or like, trinkets that were given to us that just take up space and collect dust. I know, BIG life changes.

Well, wait for it...we've decided to sell one of our cars, husband's motorcycle and gear, husband's kayak and gear, etc. Those of you who know us know that these are things we like...we even love. However, we've decided we just can't justify owning them, because we don't make use of them enough. They get in the way, they crowd the home, clutter the mind, and distract the heart at times.

I'm inspired by a story that I heard once about John Wesley (thanks, Bob). He knew exactly how much he needed to live off of and even as his income increased, he maintained his same standard of living, giving everything else away. What an excellent idea...more is just that, more. Why do we need more if what we have is enough?


  1. Big Sis1:09 PM

    I agree, we all have too much stuff. I'm sorry to hear about hubby's kayak. I know he really loves it.

    That's a great idea about the car, though. We could totall live on one car.

  2. nicole bucher1:30 PM

    hey girl so true, michael and i have been clearing out for the last 6 months! it takes a while...lol i can't believe how much "stuff" we have. Its crazy!

    but i love the simplicity of not having but what you need and use everyday, its great!

  3. Does this mean the hot pink golf bag of years ago is going? Or is it already gone?

    Have you read Richard Foster's The Freedom of Simplicity?