Done & Done

Summer is almost over and it looks like my self-inflicted projects are each coming to their own glorious completions.

1. I have been able to completely de-stuff my house and am preparing for a yard sale in the Fall.

2. I have now painted every single room in our house (save Hubby's office) since we moved in a year ago.

3. I've tamed our beastly yard (with help from my husband & my precious parents).

4. I've managed to read a few books and finally knit.

5. I've explored the roots and triggers of my eating disorder.

6. I've rediscovered a love of all things creative.

7. I've started running again...and found joy in it.

8. I've spent time with my family...my love.

This summer has been filled with goals, both seen and unseen. I'm pleased to report that while I probably could have done more, I've done enough (for now). All in all, a very successful summer.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your success. I'm very pleased you are running. Distance? How are you enjoying those endorphins?