First Day of School

Every year...no matter what age I am...I'm always excited about the first day of school. Ahh, the smell of new plastic binders and freshly sharpened pencils. A new year of opportunities and possibilities - another year to see my students grow and mature -another year to see myself do so likewise. Pretty exciting times.

I love teaching middle school because so much can change in 1 year. Ummm...to be completely honest, so much can change in one class period. But, it's a time in life where kids are all awkward and unsure of themselves and are in need of genuine love and guidance (Let's face it, we're all "middle schoolers" with a couple more years under our belts).

So, wherever you are today and whatever you might be doing. Remember that it's a new year - full of new possibilities and new opportunities - even if you're not a technical student.

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  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hey there cousin! I am so happy to have learned of your blog...I found a link to it over on your sister's page. How wonderful! It's been so great reading up on you and all that's going on in your life! I love you. Feel free to browse my blogs as well.
    I am so glad we can be in better touch. Hope to hear from you sometime!
    Love from your cousin,