Oh so exciting

So, in order to foster sisterhood and fellowship, the ladies of my church are having a tea. I know what you're thinking..."That is so uber girly." But I love it. It's been giving me a reason to improve my house, as well as a much needed deadline.

So, I'm trying to do this all on our budget. I...
(a) want my house to look smashing. Well, it might no look "smashing," but it looks pretty darn good. A few missing touches here and there - but I'm pretty pleased.

(b) would like to dress the part. So, gloves and a hat are needed...on a budget...with a deadline.

So, I first started looking at how available these things were on the internet. If you're willing to cut of your arm and sell it to science - you're in luck. For the rest of us, we must scurry about, visiting the local thrift shops and ladies stores. Well, I did that. Couldn't find anything that I liked enough to spend money on...you know how it is.

I made up my mind to make my own summer tea hat for next to nothing. Here's how it went.

Hubby's mom gave me a bright orange sun hat to wear to my beach themed bridesmaids luncheon. I like it, but haven't had much use for it. It's been in my closet for 2 years. So, I dug it out and decided it would have to do for the party.

It obviously needed some embellishment. I went to a local fabric store and rummaged through their remnant pile. I found a gorgeous black satin...and although orange and black are a little "homage to Halloween," I purchased it.

I came home and started my efforts in making a fabric flower using some online help. It turned out beautifully, but I needed more. So, I broke out the sewing machine and made a fabric band to lay wear the brim meets the cap. I used a four lock hem stitch in white thread to add contrast to the black. I tacked the band and the flower to the straw hat using clear quilting thread.

To dress it up even more, I found an aged costume bracelet and used one of the larger beads as a centerpiece to the flower. It adds a nice shimmer.

Now, I must see if I can whip up a matching pair of gloves.



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  1. I must say that your house did look smashing for the tea! And that hat...very impressive. I wish we didn't have to work and could just run and make stuff everyday. That would be "the life" for me! Thank you for your sweet comments. I look forward to checking in on your blog. I will miss you very much Lydia! I look forward to more fun times and great conversations together.