I've spent the majority of my life thinking to myself, "I love these shoes. They are so cute, but I would never wear them enough to justify them. I mean, who walks in these all day."

Well, let me tell you about a little experiment I am conducting in my life right now - among others.

It's called: Operation Wear Everything in My Closet as Least Once this Year.

Laugh, if you will. But I have a lot of stuff that I paid (or my mom paid) good money for which simply isn't worn. This is true because (1) I am extremely guilty of being adventurous in my buying an outfit, but am not so adventurous in the actual wearing of said outfit and (2) I like comfort...a lot.

So, this school year I bought pants that were too long for me...on purpose. This way, I have to wear my cute little high heels that improve my posture and make me look stunning (kind of - when I'm not tripping or ripping them off my feet). I've also worn several outfits (to you mom) that yes, after a year or more of owning them have never had the tags removed (Eeeek).

I don't know if I'm suddenly getting a wee bit more "girly," nay i say "fashionable" or if I'm really just so thrifty that I will put all physical and mental comfort aside in order to get my use out of something.

It hasn't gone unnoticed either. Here are a few comments I have received:

Question: Teacher, do those shoes you wear hurt? ~Little Girl Student
Answer I gave her: No.
Real Answer: Yes, little girl, they hurt. Every bone in my body is jarred and out of place right now - but dangit, I look two inches taller and my new pants aren't dragging on the ground!)

Question: Is that a new shirt? ~Dear husband
Answer I gave him: No, I've had it for a while.
Real Anwer: No, I've had it for a while....but, is this the first time you are seeing it on my person - yes, yes it is.

Question: Teacher, I've never seen this outfit before! Did you go shopping this summer? ~Little girl student #2
Answer I gave her: I've had it for awhile - but, I don't think you've seen me wear it.
Real Answer: Yes, I know I look good and much better than I did last year - but this is honestly this first year of teaching where I'm getting a full 8 hours of sleep each night and not waking up envying the garbage man. So, yes, I probably look a little different...and no, I didn't go shopping.

Hope you have enjoyed.

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