What I Wouldn't Give

Life is full of regrets. Here are some of mine.

What I wouldn't give...

to run hand in hand with my sister again - down Rattlesnake Hill to our imaginary circus, Paradise, or Lake Little - on a quest to experience life to the fullest.

to play Barbies with my mom again, but this time knowing just how much it meant to her.

to sit at my father's side while he was building anything. Not thinking of it as work - but looking at it as an opportunity to gain knowledge from his wisdom - to learn his trade.

to actually spend time with my grandparents - to have my grandmother teach me how to crochet, to have my grandfather quote scripture to me, to learn mamaw's secret to making chocolate gravy.

to apologize to those I've hurt and those I have blamed for my bad decisions.

to be held in my dad's arms again - flying.

to have my mom curl my hair and dress me like a doll.

to sock skate with my sister and my cousins to old 8-tracks.

to take back every mean thing I've said to my mom, my dad, my sister, and my husband....I am so sorry.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    We have to plan a shoe shopping trip. Goal to find comfortable and cute shoes.
    I only wished I could wear everything in my closet.