Homemade Christmas

This year I have really wanted to have a homemade Christmas. Meaning that our gifts and ornaments and other specialties around the house would be homemade or crafted.

I think there is always something very special about crafting a gift for someone - I often think about that person or pray for them while I'm working on a project...so handcrafted to me has a beautiful and significant meaning...now that I am an adult.

Unfortunately, I don't think I held to this belief when I was younger. I remember getting handmade gifts when I was younger...and always wishing that I has gotten the latest "it" toy. I even remember my mom making me beautiful dresses and costumes -while I would longed for the cheaply made store bought items.

It speaks to our culture, huh? When something made with love and care and joy and attention to detail can be seen as "less" than a cheap piece of plastic that can possibly be harmful....(i.e. toys from China).

This year, I'm doing my best to get gifts completed. I'm making homemade gifts for just about everyone in our family - and for some friends as well.

Hopefully, our family will have a better attitude than I did.

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  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Hey! We love homemade Christmas. I've been trying to get a family-wide one going, but no takers (ie, the grandparents).

    -Big Sis