Life got nuts.

Well, since my last post, life has exploded. Holidays and business have taken over and I haven't really taken the time to write until today.

So, I shall speak on Holidays.

Thanksgiving and Christmas used to be my favorite Holidays. Obviously, because I have everything to be thankful for and one of those is Christ being born.

Well, I'm through with the "Holidays" or at least with how people are telling me I have to spend them. I'm quite tired of rushing and shushing about to everyone's houses. I'm sick of
having to tally up how much time I have spend with respective sets of friends and family - I just want to rest. Isn't that what the holidays are about...staying home and resting and rejoicing.

My husband and I have a big decision before us and that is - how are all these family obligations going to work out during Christmas....my honest opinion is that we spend Thanksgiving with his folks - my folks should get Christmas and then we'll swap....but, I know that won't fly.

Don't get me wrong....I love my family and my husband's family....I just wish we had some time for our family - just ours, but as it is - I'm looking at my calendar and December and January are looking far from inviting.

Pray that I have a better attitude.

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