Life Update

We don't send out Christmas cards....I make the claim that we are reducing paper waste in america and helping conserve our natural resources, but in all honesty we are just plain lazy and don't have much to talk about besides ourselves and our 4 animals. Giving that most folks don't start sending Christmas cards until they have a cute cuddly baby to put on the front, we will hold off on starting the card/letter tradition for the time being.

This being said, I thought I would give everyone an update on my man and me...for those of you who are interested, but haven't talked to us in some time.

December came and went and now, Hubster has officially made it halfway through law school - woot!He is hardworking, more determined than he realizes, and perfectly poised to change the face of the world. I'm pretty proud.

My little crafty business is now an LLC! We're setting up TPM's main studio in our home and starting to get down to the nitty gritty - especially with tax season approaching, nay upon us. It will be some time before I can quit my day job and focus entirely on my own thing - but, praise GOD, I have a great job and work with great people!

Our Ferrets will be 3 this year...CRAZY. The chitter & dook and sleep. All around they are fantastic and haven't done much, save growing and nipping less.

Carter will be 2 this year...we are pretty proud of this pup in that many of those among our acquaintance have noted how much more docile he has become. Yay! Maybe we can have friends over to the house in 2008? Carter has officially decided that he is Hubster's dog - I believe is is because Hub-unit let's him on our bed when I'm not at home.

Brennan will be older this year...we don't know technically how old she is (sad, I know). We have been through a roller coaster with Brenny-girl this year, however. She started limping and then started sporadically losing the use of her back legs. She was later diagnosed with Type II Disc Disease and was given a steroid. She's back to normal now - with a little limp. A recent vet visit assured us that she's happy, fairly healthy, and overall the sweetest girl around.

That's about it for us this year....if you're really curious as to ALL the ongoings, give us a call or read my 20 billion blogs.


  1. Ok. We a'int got no babies, and we do Christmas Cards. Who wouldn't want to have a picture of mountain man hubby and the ferrets??? :)

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hey Lyd!
    Just wanted to say hi! I'm so excited about you business. I really liked the boys bibs. You did a great job! We love you guys & hope it won't be too long before we get to see you & meet you hubby.
    Your cousin,

  3. Hey Brenda,
    How are you?
    We actually will be up your way this summer! Exciting times.